Elden Ring: Where to find the Flame of Frenzy (secret ending)

Elden Ring Flame Of Frenzy Three Fingers Save Melina Secret Ending

Elden Ring has several endings that you can obtain, and the Flame of Frenzy or Lord of Frenzied Flames is one of them. There’s also quite a surprising way in which you’ll get to unlock it. Here’s our Elden Ring guide to help you find the Flame of Frenzy and Three Fingers for a secret ending that lets you save Melina.

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Elden Ring secret ending guide – Where to find the Flame of Frenzy and Three Fingers to save Melina

The clues pertaining to the Flame of Frenzy and Three Fingers in Elden Ring are provided once you reach the Mountaintops of the Giants. Along the path is an NPC who looks like Yura, and he’ll warn you of your plans.

Normally, what should happen is that Melina will sacrifice herself at the Forge of the Giants to burn the Erdtree. But, this lonely samurai suggests that “your flesh can serve as kindling” instead, and doing so would spare Melina. The only other clue imparted to you in-game is that the Flame of Frenzy and Three Fingers require you to “descend into the depths, far below the Erdtree Capital.”

Note 1: Before you continue, it seems that this ending will replace all other options at the conclusion of the final boss fight. This is even though you’ve completed the requirements for Witch Ranni and Fia.

Note 2: If you do all the steps I’ll outline below, you can return to Yura’s spot to obtain the full Ronin Armor set.

Eldr Secend Flofr 1

Anyway, the only “depths below the capital,” as far as we know, is the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. It’s where you’ll find the Cathedral of the Forsaken, a boss arena where you fight Mohg the Omen. There’s also a chest with the Erdtree’s Favor +1 talisman in front of an altar.

Our other clue comes not from the game, but from one of the promotional images on the Steam store page. The image shows your character, naked save for a loincloth, in front of a flaming entity with only Three Fingers. In a very Metal Gear Solid Meryl’s codec moment, go ahead and take off all your clothes and weapons. This will reveal a hidden passage behind the altar.

Eldr Secend Flofr 2

Past that, you’ll see several corpses and one zombie that’s patrolling. You can also pick up some loot, such as the Frenzied’s Cookbook.

Our goal, however, is to reach a small ledge with a glowing item. To do this, gingerly make your way from each ledge, making sure to do short jumps and/or running jumps when necessary. At the halfway point with that item, you can loop around, picking up other stuff such as the Inescapable Frenzy spell and Fingerprint Stone Shield.

Elden Ring Flame Of Frenzy Three Fingers Save Melina Secret Ending 1

Next, follow the steps leading down and, once you reach the bottom of the pit, the floor will collapse.

You’ll find yourself at a Site of Grace in front of a strange doorway. Again, take off your weapons and clothes. This will allow you to open the doorway to reveal the Three Fingers.

Elden Ring Flame Of Frenzy Three Fingers Save Melina Secret Ending 2

A short cinematic will play where the Three Fingers will envelop your character before vanishing. Your character will also appear partially charred, as this symbolizes that you have the power to burn the Erdtree.

Finding the Flame of Frenzy and Three Fingers lets you save Melina in Elden Ring, since you’ll be the one to burn up instead (don’t worry, you’ll survive). As usual, you’ll go through the whole process of clearing Crumbling Farum Azula, and the gauntlet of bosses in Leyndell Ashen Capital, before seeing the conclusion.

Note 1: As of now, the Flame of Frenzy or Lord of Frenzied Flame ending in Elden Ring only led to a shorter cinematic as Melina had already sacrificed herself in my save. If you’re able to obtain its power prior to that moment, then good luck.

Note 2: Again, choosing this path does restrict you to only this option when picking the ending after beating the final boss. What should happen is that you’ll see a command to “touch the Fractured Marika” before you select a type of ending cinematic that you’d want to watch. But, if you do gain this entity’s blessing beforehand, the command won’t be there anymore at the statue, and your only choice is to become the Lord of Frenzied Flame. As such, if you want to have all ending achievements in a single run, you must keep backup saves of the two SL2 files found in C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing\<Numerical string>. Keep a backup before you get the Flame of Frenzy and another after you obtain it.

Elden Ring Flame Of Frenzy Three Fingers Save Melina Secret Ending 3

Update: Reaching Deeproot Depths via the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds

In the same chamber with the Site of Grace (after the floor collapses), there’s a fake wall. This passageway will take you to Deeproot Depths, a secret area that leads to a meeting with Fia and an alternate ending. You can watch the video below from YouTuber Squeakasaurus Rex:

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