Elden Ring: How to beat the Tibia Mariner

Elden Ring Tibia Mariner Guide Deathroot

The Tibia Mariner is a type of overworld boss that you’ll encounter in Elden Ring. In a couple of instances, it presents a bone-chilling bout. Here’s our Elden Ring guide to help you defeat the Tibia Mariner bosses that you’ll face while exploring.

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Elden Ring guide – How to beat the Tibia Mariner

The Tibia Mariner in Elden Ring is an undead necromancer who’s rowing a boat. It’s found in a couple of locations with watery pools, but don’t let that fool you since it can also float over land. There are a couple of notable spots where I fought the Tibia Mariner in Elden Ring, and another area which I won’t spoil here. As such, I’ll simply focus on the general mechanics.

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Tibia Mariner in Limgrave

The first area where you’ll encounter one, assuming you’re just exploring the starting zone of Limgrave, is Summonwater Village. It’s at the northeastern portion of Limgrave past the Saintsbridge (almost at the border of Caelid). There’s a good chance that you’ll spot D, a friendly Incantation teacher, as you’re heading there from Saintsbridge. You’ll meet him again in Roundtable Hall.

Anyway, the Tibia Mariner here has a few notable abilities:

  • Undead Summoning – It will call on skeletons to support it in battle (both melee and ranged types). Remember, the skeletons will reanimate after a few seconds, so you need to hit them again to put them down for good.
  • Boat Crash – Your foe will sometimes cause its boat to raise then crash down on you.
  • Death Explosion – The boss gathers energy in a circle before causing an explosion.
  • Teleport – After a short while, it will also teleport to a new location, so just chase it down while looking out for any boneheaded fools nearby.

Eldr Lmg St Bss Tbmrn 2

Tibia Mariner in Altus Plateau

If you made your way through the Ruin-Strewn Precipice to reach Altus Plateau, then you’ll be fairly close to the Erdtree Grazing Hill bonfire and Wyndham Ruins just north of that. When you go up the cliffside, the Tibia Mariner will spot you and summon its new friend, a Bone Giant. Apart from the abilities mentioned above, its Bone Giant pal will also have its own attacks:

  • Get Boned! – The monstrous foe will emerge from a surface (water or land) and swipe at you twice with its hand.
  • Bone Voyage – It will aim in your general direction before firing a laser for several seconds.

The Tibia Mariner is still your main target because the Bone Giant can’t be damaged. As such, you still need to chase your opponent and keep hacking away at it.

Elden Ring Tibia Mariner Guide Deathroot 1

The rewards for defeating the Tibia Mariner in Elden Ring include:

  • Skeletal Militiamen Ashes (summon) – Dropped by the variant in Summonwater Village.
  • Tibia Summons (Sorcery spell) – Dropped by the variant in Altus Plateau.
  • Deathroot (key item) – This is guaranteed to drop from both Tibia Mariners. This key item is used by Gurranq. You get introduced to this NPC by D as part of his personal quest. You can learn more in our Deathroot and Gurranq guide.

Elden Ring Tibia Mariner Guide Deathroot 2

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