Elden Ring: How to beat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit in Mount Gelmir

Elden Ring Ulcerated Tree Spirit

The Ulcerated Tree Spirit is an overworld boss in Elden Ring. Similar to the Erdtree Avatars/Putrid Avatars and Wormface, it also guards an Erdtree. However, its attack patterns are different. Here’s our Elden Ring guide to help you beat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit.

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Elden Ring guide – How to beat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit

The Ulcerated Tree Spirit can be found in several locations in Elden Ring, such as in Fringefolk Hero’s Grave and in the secret path in Stormveil Castle’s Liftside Chamber. But, there’s also a beast that you fight near the Minor Erdtree in Mount Gelmir. It’s due north of Volcano Manor around a looping cliffside path. The Road of Iniquity fast travel point is nearby, as well as a stele with the Mount Gelmir map.

As you make your way to the Minor Erdtree, the boss will aggro, so try not to battle it immediately. Instead, run past it all the way to the end of the ruined bridge. There are Marionette Soldiers here, so take them out quickly. Now, we can begin the fun.

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The Ulcerated Tree Spirit cheese in Elden Ring involves utilizing its movement patterns and aggro range to burn it to death. Yes, it will chase you all the way to the bridge, and even halfway to the fast travel point (close to where the Wormface-esque elite is waiting). But, this will let you use its patterns to your advantage. First, you can wait for it near the burning pyre on the bridge. When it’s on top of the pyre, gallop away on Torrent to reach another nearby pyre.

You’ll notice that the boss’ ability, a noxious breath that takes several seconds to cast, will occur while it’s standing in the flames. That means it’s going to take quite a bit of damage, too. If you lure it and get it to cast on the opposite pyre, the same thing will also happen. As such, you’ll mostly just go back and forth to let the environment kill the boss.

Elden Ring Ulcerated Tree Spirit 2a

You just need to avoid a few things:

  • The breath attack deals high damage and is likely to kill you in a single hit if your HP isn’t boosted.
  • When it’s below 50% HP, this breath attack will cause an explosion in a horizontal line. This is easily avoided if you bait it and gallop away before it casts.
  • The other pyres further up the slope (going back to the fast travel point) won’t let you do this cheese. The boss will simply coil around the wooden poles and attack.

In any case, you should be able to kill the Ulcerated Tree Spirit in Elden Ring without ever attacking it. This nets you the Leaden Hardtear and Cerulean Hidden Tear, items that you can use when mixing your Flask of Wondrous Physick.

Elden Ring Ulcerated Tree Spirit 2b1

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