The next expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online will visit some familiar locations, as it sends players back to Morrowind’s Vvardenfell. It’s due on 6 June, and (among other things) adds a new Warden class and attendant War Bear.

The Elder Scrolls Online version of Vvardenfell is said to have “the same geographic footprint” and “all key points of interest” from the original game. It’ll also be possible for new players to start from scratch and jump straight into the Morrowind stuff if they wish. Expect “more than 30 hours of main story content, a new Trial, and a new three-team, 4v4v4 PvP mode.”

There are far too many different editions to sensibly outline here, but the foot of this page has a full set of charts and diagrams to help you navigate through the overwhelming world of videogame pre-order editions. If you just want to upgrade your existing edition, that’s a pretty straightforward £30 GBP. Buying the ‘standard’ edition (Morrowind and Tamriel Unlimited together) is £40 GBP.

Here’s a trailer starring a bear.


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