Paul Sage, ZeniMax Media and Elder Scrolls Online creative director, has said that the upcoming MMOs combat will offer more than the typical experience. 
“Our combat’s a little more radical than you might think,” said Sage. “For example, you can crouch and block whenever you want. We tried that out, and then it really takes off, you realise it feels good, and it’s something you aren’t playing anywhere else.”
Sage also that it’s important the team remember that their job is to “create a game in its own right” and always keep in mind that “MMO is just an abbreviation,” rather than a set of design rules. 
“For us, we have to make a really good RPG that pays very close attention to Elder Scrolls. If we don’t make a good game, we’re sunk.”
More is expected to be revealed about Elder Scrolls Online at E3 next week.
Source: EDGE #242

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