Eldest Souls Quests Special Items Empty Vessel Rewards Guide

Eldest Souls: Empty vessel, pledges, special items, and quests guide

The power of a god.
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Any major changes after acquiring a god’s essence?

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From what I can tell, there are only two notable changes past this point.


First, it’s how Edd the Wanderer greets you when you meet him in the Steps of Ascension prior to fighting the final boss. Edd will comment about the pledge you’ve made and the vessel that you picked.

He won’t like any of the four choices. For instance, he says that the world will be bathed in flames if you picked the Kindled Heart of Fire. Alternatively, he’ll talk about how you’re serving the wrong master if you chose the Abyssal Eye. However, you can choose to forego the entire thing (i.e., don’t even pick up a vessel). When you talk to Edd, he’ll tell you how the Tower of Dawn is pleased with your efforts since you’re trying to achieve balance.

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The second notable change is the ending cutscene. Depending on the vessel that you picked, you’ll see a different image and ending text.

For example, if you have the Hunter’s Blessing, it says that the world will “sprout and flourish without the burden of man.” The final image shows the land covered in mossy vegetation.

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Eldest Souls is available via Steam.

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