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Elijah Wood – recruited through twitter.

Double Fine’s Tim Schafer showed up at VGX to be snarked at by Joel McHale (I guess,) and also to say that Elijah Wood will be voicing the character of Shay in Broken Age. Shay is one of the two protagonists in the game, and seems to be trapped on board a life-vessel after escaping his collapsing homeworld.

It’s not a terrible kind of trapped, it’s just that the ship’s computer (Jennifer Hale … well, her voice anyway) seems to do everything for him. Now he’s growing up and starting to feel like this is all a bit weird. Plus, it seems like the computer is keeping secrets from him. That’s definitely weird.

In the VGX video below you can see Elijah Wood getting up to voice acting shenanigans and then more of Shay’s story. The first part of Broken Age is due in January. Predictably, it looks delightful and splendid.

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