If you happen to live in Cologne, there is a very small chance that you might be able to get access to the Elite: Dangerous Beta for free. The Frontier Developments team hid three USB sticks with a code for free beta (and beyond) access to the game in the city.

Trying to find them in the entire city would be a bit ridiculous, but luckily all three are in one specific location. The Hohenzollern Bridge over the river Rhine has been a site where (since 2008,) lovers affix padlocks to show their mushy feelings for one another. It’s now also a site where three Elite: Dangerous Beta keys are hidden on USB sticks.

elite dangerous (1)

They’re in there somewhere. Assuming nobody got to them already.

Here’s what the Elite newsletter says about them:

“This is obviously a first come, first served opportunity – good luck finding them and remember to let us know when you have found them and send us pictures to [email protected]!

If you do find a key, you need to register an account at the Elite: Dangerous store and then use the one-off USB code for access to Beta 1.

Since Frontier has been busy demonstrating the game at Gamescom, there’s not much additional word about the game in this week’s newsletter. However, they do include this teaser image of a rather Austin Powers looking paint job.

elite dangerous (2)

God save the space queen.


Peter Parrish

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