Are you an Elite Dangerous player? We hope you didn’t do something sneaky between January 1 and today, because Frontier Developments is investigating you, right now.

So, for the uninitiated, this is what happened:

A bug on January 1 led to some players being unable to play the game. Frontier Developments refunded those players, and added a 20 percent bonus on top. However, some players received more back than they were supposed to.

This goes beyond that, however. It turns out the database error has also allowed players to generate credits from nowhere. It is the latter and not the former who Frontier are now investigating and intending to punish.

This is Frontier’s Andrew Barlow’s message to these players:

These players know they are exploiting the system and will also be investigated .Actions may be taken against players who are known to be exploiting the system and do stand out from the commanders who were simply given the credits during our credit refund process. These players will also not be eligible for the ‘Race to Elite’ competition if we feel they have gained an unfair advantage over the competition.

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