Frontier’s David Braben has announced the four winners of Elite: Dangerous’ ‘Race to Elite’ competition, launched back in 16 December when the game was first released.

    There were £1,000 GBP cash prizes up for grabs, in each of the three categories: exploration, combat and trading. The very first commander to reach Elite rank in any of these activities would win the money. There was also a top, £10,000 GBP reward for the first commander to be Elite in all of those three Elite: Dangerous activities. Which takes some doing.

    Watch below to see Braben read out the winners, or scroll beyond it for my text summary.

    Exploration was won by the clearly booze-fueled Commander Tequila. On his or her way to Elite, they travelled 190,000 light years and discovered a mighty 7,697 unique star systems.

    Trading snapped up by Commander LordKee. The good lord played for 1,046 hours on the way to that Elite trade rank, and traded 834,353 tonnes of goods. That’s a lot of kitten coffee.

    Combat, the “original Elite rating” as Braben notes, went to Commander FromtonRouge. The Rouge scourge made 8,563 kills, and made insurance companies around the universe very unhappy.

    Finally, the Triple Elite grand prize was won by the aptly-named Commander OnePercent. They played for 1,029 hours, discovered 10,342 unique star systems, killed 9,032 other ships, and traded 835,410 tonnes of stuff. A hard-earned £10,000, there.

    Peter Parrish

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