The latest Elite: Dangerous newsletter gives some clues as to what Frontier has planned for a version 1.2 update, and suggests a loose release schedule of early March.

In the newest peek of the week, Frontier offer an image of the Fer-de-Lance craft (replicated above) and say that it will be available in March as part of version 1.2. For those who remember the original Fer-de-Lance from the first Elite, it seems to have retained the same “big pointy triangle” look.

Prior to that, there are a few hinted details about other features that will be added in March. It’s said to focus largely on multiplayer aspects and will “introduce new ways for players to group together, communicate and locate friends in Elite: Dangerous’ galaxy.” That sounds an awful lot like the ‘Player wings’ function that has been much-discussed by the community.

The game could certainly do with more efficient ways to hook up and co-ordinate with friends, so that all sounds encouraging.

As well as those teases, the newsletter states that those who bought the Elite: Dangerous Mercenary Edition should soon be getting their digital and physical bonuses. These include somewhat mundane stuff like wallpapers and ring tones, but also an Elite: Dangerous art book with some insights by the game’s art director, Chris Gregory.

Peter Parrish

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