Frontier Developers have released a new video showing a drive-around of the Federal Corvette craft, cunningly combining several of the near-future Elite: Dangerous updates into one visual presentation.

The Federal Corvette is one of the new ships being added in the 1.5 update. You’ll require some standing with the Federation in order to be able to fly it, and it’ll be one of the largest Federation ships to pilot.

In the video below, you get a drive-around from the point of view of an SRV; your planetary buggy that’ll be used for exploring (and fighting on) surfaces of Elite: Dangerous’ interstellar bodies. The planetary landing will be coming in the Horizons update, and that beta is planned for 24 November.

More ships besides the Federal Corvette will be coming in 1.5, though, and Frontier has put up a full playlist featuring a brief look at all of the upcoming arrivals. The Corvette gets the longest presentation, but you can also get a peek at the Cobra Mk4, Imperial Cutter, Keelback, and more.

A beta release of 1.5 is scheduled for later this week.

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