12 new units have been made available for Creative Assembly’s Empire: Total War.The units, as the Elite Units of the East pack, are for the Maratha and Ottoman Empire factions in Empire: Total War.The Ottoman Empire will have access to Haydut Irregulars, Wallachian Boyars, Bosnian Panduks, Circassian Armoured Cavalry, Armenian Archers, Libyan Kuloglu, Palestinian Auxiliaries, Cairo Janissaries, and Mounted Nizam-I-Cedit, giving them a wide range of new units, while Maratha players will have access to Rajput Zamindars, Poligars, and Barawardi – a mix of light and heavy cavalry units.In celebration of this release, Steam is running with a Total War Week, dropping the price of all Empire, Rome, and Medieval II games and packs by 66% – including the Total War Mega Pack – while all Empire: Total War DLC is dropped by 10%, meaning that Elite Units of the East can be yours for only £1.79 GBP.The Mega Pack is a good deal for those uninitiated into the Total War series, though. It contains Rome: Total War – Gold, Rome: Total War – Alexander, Medieval II: Total War, Medieval II: Total War – Kingdoms, and Empire: Total War for the must-have price of £13.59 GBP.Worth a look, certainly, as Empire: Total War is really rather good.

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