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Relics: Locations and ideal equipment picks

Let’s discuss the relics in Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights.


I’ve divided this section into multiple categories depending on the relic types. Likewise, remember that you’ve got a limited number of “points” or slots for your relics, so you’ll need to find Chains of Sorcery collectibles to increase the cap.

Note: I do apologize if some of the directions seem vague. There were cases when I unknowingly deactivated the minimap. Since I didn’t have additional screenshots, I couldn’t remember the exact spots where I found some of these items.

Health and Healing Prayers

Relic Name Points/Cost Effect Location
Soiled Prayer Beads 1 Slightly increases max HP. White Parish: Cathedral Cloister – Double jump on the ledge to the left.
Royal Aegis Crest 2 Increases max HP. Ruined Keep: Guest Chambers – The room to the left of this respite.
White Priestess Statue 4 +1 Healing Prayer use. Catacombs
Priestess’ Doll 3 +1 Healing Prayer use. Ruined Keep: Open grounds where you’d also encounter the Castle Town Maiden.
White Priestess’ Earrings 2 +1 Healing Prayer use. The Deep: Blighted Heart – You’ll find this near the respite.
Holy Spring Water 1 Increases the potency (amount healed) of Healing Prayers. Catacombs
Nymphilia’s Ring 2 Speeds up the Healing Prayer action. Hinterlands: From Twin Spires – Courtyard, find the exit at the right-hand side. Climb the wall and fall down the cliff. The relic is underwater (seen in the image below).
Weathered Necklace 2 Recover some HP when you kill an enemy. Verboten Domain: Subterranean Lab B1 (left then down) or Subterranean Lab B3 (right then up). There’s a treasure chest in a nook in the upper section of this room.
Immortal’s Crest 3 Recover a small amount of HP when you deal damage. Twin Spires: Monument of the Wind – Exit left then climb all the way to the top. The outer area has a hook point that lets you grapple to reach a ledge.

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Damage and mitigation

Relic Name Points/Cost Effect Location
Broken Music Box 2 Slightly reduces damage taken from enemies. Cliffside Hamlet
Cracked Familiar Stone 3 Reduces damage taken from enemies. Witch’s Thicket: Witch’s Hermitage – Left side exit; grapple to reach the roof at the right side.
Snowdrop Bracelet 4 Greatly reduces damage taken from enemies. Twin Spires: Courtyard – Exit right, then break open the pustulant wall.
Blighted Appendage 3 Increases damage dealt. Verboten Domain
Giant’s Ring 2 Slightly increases the damage of attacks made while on the ground. Cliffside Hamlet: Collapsed Shack – Left, then down; swim underwater.
Ancient Dragon Claw 2 Slightly increases the damage of attacks made while airborne. Twin Spires: Mourning Hall – This is in the large room just below this respite.
Rusted Blue Ornament 1 Increases the damage of attacks while underwater. Witch’s Thicket
Executioner’s Gloves 2 Increases damage dealt while at maximum HP. Stockade: Dark Chamber – Take the right side exit and swim underwater.
Decayed Crown 3 Enemies will be more easily stunned by attacks. Ruined Keep: Maelstrom Ramparts – Jump down and keep to the right. You should land on a wooden beam where you’ll find this relic (seen in the image below).

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Spirit usage and the SP Gauge/Last Rites

Relic Name Points/Cost Effect Location
Manisa’s Ring 2 Slightly increases spirit uses. Witch’s Thicket
Aura’s Ring 3 Increases spirit uses. Stockade: Execution Grounds – Exit left, then use the grapple + wall climb to reach a room at the very top (seen in the next image).
Kilteus’ Ring 2 Slightly reduces cooldown times. Catacombs: Charnel – The left side of the room above this respite.
Calivia’s Ring 3 Reduces cooldown times. Verboten Domain
Eldred’s Ring 3 Speeds up accumulation of SP Gauge. Ruined Keep: King’s Chambers – Go to the room to the left. Break open the large pustulant wall with Knight Julius’ Spectral Lance.
Ricorus’ Ring 2 Increases SP Gauge by 1 more use. Twin Spires: Monument of the Wind – Head two rooms to the right. In the second room, you should find small pools of water. Swim down to reach the bottom area with a treasure chest.

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Movement and jumps

Relic Name Points/Cost Effect Location
Spellbound Anklet 3 Slightly increases movement and dashing speed. Witch’s Thicket: Witch’s Hermitage – Right side exit; keep going to the right and use the grapple to reach a higher ledge that leads to a small chamber.
Ruined Witch’s Book 1 Increases aquatic movement speed. Witch’s Thicket: Witch’s Hermitage – Door to the right → fall down going to the left side.
Vibrant Plume 3 Slightly increases jump height. White Parish: Cathedral Cloister – From the ledge where you found the Soiled Prayer Beads, wall-climb to reach the upper room. Climb on the wall above the pustulant barrier to reveal a hidden ledge. Dash using Knight Julius and gain full momentum to break the pustulant barrier (seen in the image below).

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Experience point gains

Relic Name Points/Cost Effect Location
Bloodstained Ribbon 1 Slightly increases experience gains. Cliffside Hamlet: You can refer to the video below from YouTuber X2PR Villanueva if you want to get it earlier in the game.
Blightwreathed Blade 2 Increases experience gains. Ruined Keep: Guest Chambers – Keep going three rooms to the left. In the third room, climb the winding staircase. It’s in a nook to the right if you jump past a gap.

Special relics

Fretia’s Ring – Allows you to parry by pressing the right trigger (RT). Found once you reach the Catacombs zone: Bottom of the Well respite.

Heretic’s Mask – Found in Verboten Domain: Subterranean Lab B2. However, to reach this, you’ll need to go to Stockade: Dark Chamber. Use Knight Captain Julius to break open the pustulant wall at the bottom-left corner (seen in the image below). You’ll reach another room with more pustulant walls and floors, as well as lots of spiked mines. Eventually, you’ll be able to drop all the way down. If you stick to the left, you’ll be able to grab the ledge that has the treasure chest.

Luminant Aegis Curio and Lost Heirloom – These are discussed in two separate guides. You can take a look at our Stone Tablets/secrets guide to learn more about the Luminant Aegis Curio. Meanwhile, you can read our endings guide to know more about the Lost Heirloom.

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Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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