Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights — Verboten Domain and Miriel guide

Ender Lilies Quietus Of The Knights Verboten Domain Miriel Faden Heretic Mask Guide

The Heretic Mask and reaching the Verboten Domain

Let’s talk about how we can get to the Verboten Domain to find the Heretic Mask relic.


The most common path is actually Witch’s Thicket – Witch’s Hermitage -> door on the left side -> down -> down. If you’ve played Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights during Early Access, then you’ve probably seen this spot already. It’s the one with a large barrier that prevents you from reaching the slime monstrosity.

However, because you now have mobility-boosting perks (i.e., dash/lance momentum), you should be able to activate the lever and speedily make your way across. After taking out this creature (you’ll encounter more of its type later), you’ll be in Subterranean Lab B1.

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The biggest problem, though, is survival. As mentioned earlier, the Verboten Domain is filled with areas covered in Blighted fog and “red” Blighted waters. By default, you’ll take five to 10 points of damage in these areas (and there are a lot of them). That’s why we have to find the Heretic Mask.

Where is it? Well, you’ll actually need to go back to the Stockade – Dark Chamber. At the bottom of this room, you’ll see a pustulant wall that you can break with Knight Julius’ Spectral Lance charge.

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The next chamber is akin to a puzzle area of sorts. There are several pustulant walls/floors, grappling hook points, and deadly mines. There are even cases where you need to start your Spectral Lance charge from a higher ledge, or while in mid-air just after grappling. You’ll do all of these while avoiding the mines (which deal 100 points of damage).

Eventually, you’ll reach a drop point. If you keep to the left, you’ll find the Heretic Mask inside a chest. This is also the Subterranean Lab B2 respite.

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With the Heretic Mask, you should now be able to survive the Verboten Domain (for the most part). The Blighted mists and waters will only deal one and two points of damage respectively. However, enemies can still wallop you.

I suggest equipping mitigation/HP-related relics. Examples include the White Priestess’ Earrings, Priestess Doll, Nymphilia’s Ring, Royal Aegis Crest, Cracked Familiar Stone, and Snowdrop Bracelet. With these, you should be able to traverse the zone while still having the HP/healing necessary.

Anyway, let’s talk about what we can find in the Verboten Domain in the next part of our guide.

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