Amplitude have outlined some significant Endless Legend happenings for the next couple of months, starting with a free update on 18 March. That’ll be followed in April by a paid (10 Euros is the price given) expansion called Guardians of Auriga.

The freebie stuff is collectively named Eye on the Stars and, among other things, will allow players to ask an AI empire to declare war upon another opponent. There’ll also be the addition of a Victory Quest, which all factions can undertake to win the game once their Faction Quest line is complete.

Modders will probably be pleased to hear that an “integrated set of AI and Simulation tools” will be added with this update as well. This means people can “browse through all the variables of an empire” in a special launch mode (to prevent multiplayer cheating.)

Other new bits include some community-voted achievements and six extra keyboard shortcuts.

In Guardians of Auriga, meanwhile, you can expect new Legendary Deeds (15 of ’em,) Legendary Buildings for cities (5 of those) and a set of 10 Unique Buildings that can be constructed after certain Legendary Deeds are performed. New ‘Guardian Mega-Units’ will be in there too; one for each of the Dust, Earth, Water, Air and Fire elements. They’re described as a “one-man killer army.”

There will also be eight new technologies, new Guardian weapons/gemstones and extra global events to bring prosperity or potential ruin to your faction.

Amplitude add that in multiplayer games, if the host has the paid expansion then all players of that game will be able to use it. So you if you play someone who has the expansion, you can see how it is before opting to buy. This should also prevent any fragmentation of theĀ Endless Legend multiplayer community.

Finally, the same update post linked above says that Endless Legend has sold a pretty healthy 400,000 copies to date.

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