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The Epic Games Store appears to be in full shift to Halloween mode now, and the free games of the week are telling signs. This week we have Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Kingdom New Lands, but there’s plenty more thrills packed into next week, too. We’ll run over everything you can expect in this week’s games and what’s ahead. As always, don’t forget to claim this week’s games before the promotion ends. You have until October 22 at 11 AM ET to get your treat, so don’t trick yourself by procrastinating.

The Amnesia series is legendary for its approach to horror despite only having one mainline entry to this day. Things are about to change with that, as the sequel arrives in just a few more days. We’re focused on Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs today though, which is also a bit of a black sheep for the franchise. Indeed that’s correct, we’re getting the offshoot title this week from EGS, but what exactly does that mean?

This game was developed in collaboration with the original series creators, but it’s decidedly different from The Dark Descent. Reviews are mixed on A Machine For Pigs, but some will point out that it tells a gripping story, despite lacking some of the shock and horror of the original.

A Machine for Pigs takes place in 1899 in a setting characteristic of a busy city during the Industrial Revolution. You wake into a nightmare where the world is just one big machine, but you’re objective is quite personal. Your family is in trouble, and there are monsters lurking about. It’s a wild test of will, but it’s certainly worth playing at this time of year when you could use a couple of cheap free thrills. The game came out in 2013, so it should run well for anyone with a modern gaming PC.

Amnesia Amfp Gameplay

You’re sure to have a meating with a monster here.

A dark new world, where one must be brave

Kingdom New Lands is far less intimidating than the previous game. It’s a 2D strategy survival adventure set in medieval times. You take on the role of a monarch looking to spread her domain over new realms. However, you soon realize the task won’t be easy. There are fantasy elements to it, so of course there are monsters to defeat along the way. As far as graphics, your PC should be able to handle this one. Kingdom New Lands was fairly well received when it released in 2015, but have a look at it for yourself.

Epic has more free spooky games in store for next week

That’s it for this week’s free games on the Epic Store, but there will be more Halloween-themed content next week. Costume Party 2 is sure to give players some joy, while Layers of Fear 2 is sure to take it away. We’ll cover more info on those when they become available on October 22.

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