Escape Simulator: Wild West DLC — Is it worth it?

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Hot on the heels of the Steampunk DLC, Escape Simulator‘s Wild West DLC has just dropped. For the low price of $4.99 USD, you get four more levels, this time with a Western theme. Like with similar escape games, these levels feature the same combination of searching rooms from top to bottom with using the items and info you find to solve puzzles. I’m personally very fond of the setting of this DLC, honestly more so than most of the game’s other ones. So I’m a bit biased right off the bat considering how perfectly I feel the aesthetic goes with escape rooms. But the question stands: is the Escape Simulator Wild West DLC worth it?

Each of the four levels in the Wild West DLC has its own familiar Western location — the first is a real classic. You find yourself in a locked cell and need to escape. In usual Escape Simulator fashion, this means combing the tiny area and closely inspecting each item until you find means to aid your liberation. But getting out of the cell’s the easy part. Solving all of the puzzles to get out of the office right outside of it is where things get tricky. The other levels are similarly focused on Western locations.

Next up is a saloon, complete with a piano, bar, and more. You can find coins to use on another puzzle while pouring drinks and stocking shelves. Then there’s a bank/post office that starts with you locked out of both. You have to scrounge around for a key to get into the post office to really get things moving, but you’ll have to use your Morse Code skills a bit. But the most impressive of the levels is easily the train. You’re not in a stopped car either; the sucker is moving.

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Lots of trains today, huh?

Near where you start on the train, you’ll find a pool table which is part of a puzzle that requires using a billiard ball. There are also some suspicious totems that you need to stack. All four maps come complete with locks you need to open by finding codes and, of course, plenty of hidden tokens to find. One token requires you to inspect a pie and take a slice for yourself. All of the levels are full of interactive objects and ingenious design choices, as you’d expect from Escape Simulator. The hint button also returns, as this game is far from easy.

The Wild West DLC’s assets are precisely what they need to be, feeling rustic as well as fitting in splendidly in the Western era. If you want more Escape Simulator, the Wild West DLC is absolutely worth it, as you’ll likely be able to put at least a couple of hours in, depending on your speed at puzzle solving. These levels are all quite dense, although since you’ve probably played through the main and Steampunk levels, you’re probably already used to the kind of thinking demanded here. But this is another strong DLC for the game that’s easy to recommend, especially if you’re fond of the setting.

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