eSports may need to acknowledge that they have some growing up to do. DailyDot reports that quite a few Hearthstone players are still waiting to get paid for the World Cyber Arena and World Esports Championships in China.

The problem has come about, not due to any attempt to swindle the players, but inexperience and lack of planning on the side of the organizers.

The liaison for players in the West, Rania Hatzi, had this to say:

Clearly, there is no intention from the WCA side to avoid paying the prizes.

On one side, some of the players significantly delayed sending their banking information for the transfer, even though the WCA repeatedly asked for it. On the other side, the Chinese banking system is quite different, so it takes significant time to sort out the correct routing numbers, as well as to clear the wire transfer.

You can learn more about the details here.

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