Euro Truck Simulator 2 to shine brighter with free Metallic Paint DLC

euro truck simulator 2 (5)

Have you ever seen a more beautiful truck?

By way of offering thanks to the community for their ongoing support, SCS Software has plans to release some free Euro Truck Simulator 2 DLC. The Metallic Paint add-on will allow players to make their trucks shine with the glory of one thousand suns. I mean, just look at that handsome beast up there.

The developer estimates that wrapping up “tweaking and testing of all trucks” will take about two weeks, but keep an eye on the World of Trucks event system for news of when the free DLC is released.

It’ll add custom metallic paint support, as well as a few pre-designed metallic paint jobs (such as the one pictured above.) With all that, you’ll be driving the finest vehicles in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 world.

The new metallic effect will show up in the paint shop colour selection options, alongside the other truck paint choices. This new paint can “combine up to 3 customizable colors which are shifting into prominence based on viewing angle,” creating a lovely metallic or shiny look for your cab.