CCP has released the patch notes for EVE Gate 1.0.1, the beta client of EVE Online’s social networking tool. The update includes several bug fixes and adjustments, most notably changes to the mail system, and calendars. Players can also now include HTML tags in broadcast comments. See the full patch notes below: Javascript pop-ups will not appear when viewing a calendar event with newly accepted invitations.Members of the same NPC corporation are no longer able to see each other’s broadcasts under the default settings.You can now successfully rename mail labels.Text formatting (bold, italic, underlined, etc) is no longer incorrectly considered “malicious HTML” in Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Mails with this kind of formatting will now be sent correctly.The “remember me” option on login now correctly persists your login.After encountering an error when composing a mail, the text in the mail is no longer deleted.You can now post broadcast comments that include HTML tags.Editing a contact on the Contacts page in EVE Gate no longer incorrectly adds or removes them from the Watchlist.Fixed skill queue and display of skill list with queued items in it. Also fixed the remaining times on top of character sheet page.After deleting an invitee from an event and re-inviting the same invitee, the invitee will see the event in their calendar.Italics correctly display in sent mail in both the client and EVE Gate.The Send button functions correctly after rejecting the CSPA fee when sending a mail.Events in the calendar will open with a single click.The Calendar tooltip now has response options.When composing a mail, the filter in the Add Recipient window now works.You can now add your own corporation as a contact in EVE Gate without an error occurring.The calendar now correctly defaults to the next valid hour, based on the time shown in EVE Gate.The breadcrumb link when the user is on the calendar screen now reads: Calendar > Event Calendar.After deleting a mail in EVE Gate, you can no longer read it by knowing the ID.After logging out, logging into EVE Gate with a different account no longer auto-selects a character. Logging back into EVE Gate with the same account results in the last character you selected being auto-selected.Mail labels are now correctly HTML encoded.The page will no longer refresh on failed event creation and the debug javascript pop-up on failed event creation will no longer appear.Links for ship fittings sent in EVE Mail will now link to the correct EVElopedia page for ship type.You will no longer able to accidentally create multiple events with one creation form.You cannot edit the participant list of a corporation/alliance event. An error message will be returned if you attempt to do so.Really long mailing list names don’t have overflow text when using the Add Recipient window.You can successfully select a character with a period at the end of their name to enter EVE Gate.You now get the option to create corporation events for player corps in faction warfare militias.The member count on the corporation profile page in EVE Gate is correctly updated when a character either joins or leaves the corporation.The add recipient button (+ at right of mail) will only work once. Selecting the same name will have no further effect.Hitting Enter to confirm a new label name now correctly applies the new label name.Removed unnecessary bullet point from compose mail error messages.Fixed inconsistent punctuation in Edit Contact Standing dialog.After checking the “check all” checkbox, if you uncheck any of the selected ones, the “check all” checkbox will now correctly be unchecked.When a search returns no results, the page will correctly display “no results for your query: <text>.”When composing a mail the previous page/next page in the Add Recipients window is grayed out when there is only one page of contacts.Fixed incorrect info message when selecting “mark as unread” with no mail items checked.Fixed an incorrect tooltip in the background with an info dialog window open on the Contacts and Mail pages.The popup dialog will no longer show a confusing “loading” cursor when the cursor is outside the dialog window.Corporation broadcast feed will now update a lot faster.You can now use the “<” and “>” characters within EVE Gate mails.

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