Everreach Project Eden Release Date

Everreach: Project Eden, a mini-Mass Effect, releases early this December

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Let’s face it, lots of sci-fi action and RPG fans are always on the lookout for games that’ll strike their fancy. Since BioWare fumbled Anthem and a new Mass Effect title remains a pipedream, folks are likely searching for something that’d tickle that itch for a story-driven soap opera set in space. That brings us to Everreach: Project Eden made by a small indie studio, Elder Games. Check out one of the game’s videos focusing on weapons, gadgets, and perks:

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Everreach – Reaching for the stars

We last checked out Everreach: Project Eden back in July. Stefan Bahruth admittedly noticed that its aesthetics had similarities to several sci-fi games. One comparison could be that Everreach’s protagonist, Nora Harwood, looks a bit like StarCraft‘s Nova. There are also other comparisons to other titles such as Red Faction: Guerrilla, Destiny, Anthem, and, of course, the Mass Effect series. You can even think of it as a mini-Mass Effect of sorts given that Michelle Clough, the former narrative QA of the Mass Effect trilogy, and D.C. Douglas, Legion’s voice actor in Mass Effect, are part of the endeavor.

When we say “mini,” we mean it in more ways than one. The story of Everreach: Project Eden is expected to play out in just around eight hours. So, no, it might not be the lengthy space soap opera that you’ve been used to. It’s more akin to a short serenata in that regard. This is understandable given that Elder Games does not have an army of developers to work on their products. The studio has a core team of five people and a dozen freelance devs.

Still, Everreach: Project Eden might be worth looking into. You’ve got several perks to complement your playstyle and skills including forcefields and explosive shields. You can also traverse battlegrounds using your hoverbike to take down your foes. We’ll see if it can reach for the stars once it releases on December 4.

Everreach Project Eden Release Date mini Mass Effect

You can find Everreach: Project Eden via Steam. It’s currently priced at $24.99.

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