Everspace Guide to Survival in Space

Everspace is not an easy game. It’s a rogue-like experience and you are expected to die. Death brings rewards as you continue your journey of discovery across the game’s numerous sectors of space.

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There are a lot of key elements at play while out on your Everspace adventure. We’re going to look at some of these in this guide and pass on a few tips for budding pilots.


Everspace features persistent progression which means when you die you keep ship upgrades on your next attempt at a run. This includes credits which are used to upgrade and also blueprints. Again, do not be afraid to die, not everything is lost. In fact, it’s broadly true that the more you die the better your ship becomes. This game presses you to make decisions. Do you try and continue with what you’ve got or do you succumb to death and then make an upgrade? Tough call.

Each time you restart a run, the Sector map is going to be different so you won’t be repeating the exact same missions.



Loot and currency is key to survival and progression in Everspace, and often the hunger for loot is going to put you in sticky situations. It’s also going to challenge you to take risks.

There are few key elements to be aware of when it comes to loot, the first being credits. Earning credits is super important. Credits are going to allow you to upgrade perks which are carried over into the next run-through should you die.

Loot can be found all over the place; inside old shipwrecks, by killing enemies or sometimes just floating around in space. Spend some time exploring a zone before jumping to the next one otherwise you might miss something important like a new weapon.

If you see a neutral ship or squad engaged in combat, if they kill an enemy, the enemy will drop loot. Jump in and grab it. Treat it as a freebie.



Perks are permanent boosts to ships systems. There’s also a Credit Loot Perk which is probably the first perk you should start shoving points into early on in the game. The more credits you have the faster you can upgrade. Another perk worth firing points into early on is the Energy perk to decrease energy consumed by ships systems such as boost and weapons. When energy runs out you usually get into trouble.




Craft and upgrade devices to improve your ship. This is done with resources collected via the Equipment screen after hitting TAB. Use collected resources to increase your chances and improve your ship while in the game. Make sure you collect as many resources as possible.



It’s really tempting to use the ship speed Boost continuously. Don’t do this. Boost drains energy, and without energy, your laser weapons won’t fire. The Energy bar is at the bottom of the crosshair, keep a close eye on it at all times and try not to let it drain out. Use Boost in short bursts so it has time to replenish.


If you don’t have enough fuel you can’t use the jump points. At least, not safely. Doing so puts you in danger of blowing up.

Should you be in real trouble and you are low on fuel, then by all means, risk the jump. The worst that can happen is you die and you can start the run again. Just make sure your ship is not too damaged before you commit.

Sometimes you will see neutral fuel ships. These will stay friendly like all neutral ships until you attack. If you are low on fuel then you can attack the fuel ship pods to get an abundance of fuel. Just be prepared to get out fast toward the jump gate.

Jump Suppressors

On some maps there are jump suppressors. These prevent you from jumping out. These need to be hacked, not destroyed. Fly really close and the hacking progression bar will appear. Once hacked you can jump out. The enemy ship in the shot below is armed with a jump suppressor and so it’s incredibly hard to hack.



Nanobots will help you stay in the game. Collect these whenever you can. If your ship is damaged, hit TAB and then visit the repair menu to use the bots to fix systems. Select which systems you want to repair carefully.

Making Enemies

Without spoiling Everspace’s story, there is a main antagonist but there are some neutral factions that will turn hostile and stay hostile as you move on in a Sector. Pick fights carefully in case you make an enemy in the Sector. You are almost always outgunned and you don’t want more enemies.

Seeking help

Sometimes you are outnumbered but you can get help. If you are being pursued, fly toward a neutral fighter and they will likely join in the fight making your job easier to dispose of the enemy ships.

Enemy Missiles

Enemy missiles can be shot down. If missiles are locked onto you, try to evade them then turn and shoot them down.


Don’t fear the reaper. Sometimes a restart is the best option so you can add more perks to improve your chances. The stronger you are the longer you’ll stay alive. Death is part of the game so embrace it and use it to our advantage.Everspace

An Easy Way to Save Progression

If you’re in real trouble and know you are about to die but don’t want to lose progression, quickly go to the main menu and click save and quit. You can then continue from the start of the zone you quit out on.

In Conclusion

Be careful out there, think about every action, monitor your ship systems and upgrade as much as you can. Finally, be prepared to die.

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