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The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is easily one of the most reliably-modded games of all time. Thanks in no small part to Bethesda Softworks’ Creation Kit, and a massive fanbase to boot, Skyrim has a near-endless supply of mods that players can download to bolster the replayability of the game. From complete overhauls in game mechanics and graphics to DLC-level content, there’s always something in the works. One of the more prominent modding teams, Beyond Skyrim, has been hard at work on one of the most ambitious projects to date.

As we’ve covered in the past, the Beyond Skyrim team has a new installment in their longstanding vision. The project, of the same name as the modding team, aims to bring Skyrim‘s surrounding provinces to life. Earlier this month, the developers released an update regarding the progress of their latest addition to Beyond Skyrim: the mythical island of Roscrea.

Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea is but one of many

The team’s vision is a rather comprehensive one. Beyond Skyrim aims to recreate a massive amount of content spanning across the continent of Tamriel and beyond. In addition to Roscrea, the team aims to revive several key areas of previous Elder Scrolls titles, as well as add their own imaginings of brand-new locations on Tamriel.

Cyrodiil: The Seat of Sundered Kings focuses on the province featured in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Following the death of Emperor Titus Mede II, Cyrodiil falls upon perilous times. Various political entities engage in a power struggle, leaving the player with many different factions to align with. Meanwhile, Morrowind‘s fate remains uncertain as the dark elven houses plot against one another in the 4th era. The all-new Black Marsh, home to the mysterious and hard Argonians, has its own turmoil within its oppressed ranks.

There’s much more in store with Beyond Skyrim, however, including the island of Roscrea.

Roscrea mod

Beyond Skyrim aims to bring to life the entire world surrounding the game, including the rough island of Roscrea.

Venture into the Sea of Ghosts

Roscrea was an island first conquered by Emperor Uriel Septim V, three years after his ascension, according to lore. It’s since been annexed by the city of Solitude, from Skyrim itself. Nestled within the tumultuous Sea of Ghosts, Roscrea remains a land ‘frozen in time’ according to the modding team.

Constantly bombarded by invasion and foreign influence across the ages, the island maintains a paper-thin degree of peace. The East Empire Company, a major influence in the area, aims to take advantage of its citizens and the state of strife the island remains in. This isn’t the only major key player in the troubled land, however. Also vying for control is the stalwart Bear Cult, desperate to maintain its hold on the island. Many other hidden dangers await curious adventurers in Roscrea: Voices Of The Deep.

Roscrea trailer

The superb detail in Roscrea looks like it could easily pass for official Skyrim DLC, despite being a mod.

People, places, and things in Roscrea

This ambitious mod has a lot to offer, from unique flora and fauna to entirely new factions and locations. The Mithril Hound — a canine that, from the looks of it, is made partially of mithril — looks menacing in its concept art. The Gehenoth is a hulking horned humanoid of unknown origin. The terrifying, tusked Grahl seems to prowl the colder regions of the island. And finally, the ferocious, clawed Sunvaar Beast seems formidable in nature. These all-new creatures are but a fraction of what Roscrea has to offer.

New enemies

This mysterious island is host to some terrifying, and never-before-seen, beasts.

Some exciting locations await the weary traveler as well. Up in the Northwestern area of the island lies the capital of the Roscrean natives, Frulthuul. On the opposite side of the island lies Crane Shore, which is the Imperial capital. This major city also serves as a base of operations for the East Empire Trading Company. This is the only area which is not currently under the Bear Cult’s dominion, and it is a source of conflict within the region. Finally to the very north is Vengolt, a mysterious settlement which exists on an island separate from the rest of Roscrea. Noted factions include the aforementioned Bear Cult, as well as the Owl Cult, Whale Cult, and Wolf Cult.

Beyond Skyrim is now recruiting!

The modding team moves into later development this summer, and it is looking to fill some spots. There’s a spot or two in the writing room for dialogue editors and writers for both NPCs and in-game book content. They’re also looking for 3D artists who are familiar with the Skyrim Creation Engine. Specifically, they need some help with armor and outfits. That said, they’re entertaining Zbrush artists as well.

Beyond Skyrim also seeks dungeon designers who are familiar with creating content in the Creation Kit. Finally, there’s a need for quest creators to help expedite the finishing touches. If you’re interested in joining the team for this ambitious project, feel free to check them out and send off an application here.

It’s an exciting time for the Skyrim modding community, and one of the grandest projects in its history is well underway. Will you be playing Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea when it launches? Are you interested in contributing? Let us know in the comments.

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