Evil Genius 2 Red Ivan

Evil Genius 2 is essentially the opposite of whatever James Bond-themed game is brewing over at IO Interactive. Instead of playing as a suave spy, players are hurled into the shoes of a mastermind criminal bent on taking over the world, and therefore have to manage their massive secret base to achieve that goal. When it launches, Evil Genius 2 will feature four different masterminds, each with their own campaigns, but today’s reveal focused on its burliest: Red Ivan — and he’s voiced by the legendary English actor and singer, Brian Blessed.

For those who aren’t familiar, Evil Genius 2 features four different campaigns focused on world domination. However, achieving that goal means fending off the various goody-two-shoes of the world — spies, governments, the usual crowd that ruins these kinds of things. To foil any of these attempts, players will have to build a base filled with traps, minions, and henchman, enough to keep the good guys at bay so the bad guys can play.


Make room for Ivan

Today’s trailer for Evil Genius 2 is for Red Ivan’s campaign in particular, and all the wonderful, dastardly toys he brings to the table. With a secret base located under a casino (remember, James Bond antithesis here), players will have to arm their minions to fend off the forces of justice so Ivan can have his revenge. Luckily, if that’s not enough, Ivan’s campaign also comes with a suite of unique traps, like a hidden pool of sharks or a spring-loaded fist. They’ll never see it coming.

Of course, sometimes the boss also has to get his hands dirty. For when the going gets tough, Red Ivan rocks a quadruple rocket launcher that’s sure to blow the good guys away. But since brute force can’t solve the logistical challenges of ruling the world, that will be up to players.

Evil Genius 2 is set to launch on PC during the first half of 2021 via Steam. Players can find more information on the game’s various villains on its site here.

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