Polygon has dropped a lot of details regarding Turtle Rock’s upcoming shooter Evolve. We’re trimming down the details so you can get the 411 here.

The game’s final four hunters, Abe (Trapper), Parnell (Assault), Caira (Medic) and Cabot (Support), are actually the first four hunters designed. Turtle Rock found that sticking to these characters would have made the game too difficult thanks to balance issues, so everyone else was designed to be easier to use in comparison. In particular, Abe and Caira require efficient teamwork to truly shine.

There are four modes aside from Hunt, the one we’re all familiar with. In brief:

Nest has the hunters seeking out several monster eggs before they hatch, while other monsters defend.
Rescue has the hunters seeking out colonists and helping them evacuate before the monsters get to them.
Defend is tower defense for the hunters, Zerg Rush for the monsters.
Finally, Evacuation brings it all together. In the course of five game days, you play each of the other modes in succession.

Evacuation happens to be the easiest mode, since the pressure of getting everything right is off. Losers get autobalances to help them in the next round, and players are incentivized to stick around by endgame bonuses you can only get if you don’t quit the game.

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