Keen to find out all about the upcoming new content, features, changes and events in Age of Conan? You’re in luck; Funcom has exclusively shared a vast amount of information with us regarding the future of the game including an interview with a game designer, screenshots, and details on new content.

Game designer Carola Berens talks to us about the upcoming new high level dungeon, the Iron Tower. She goes into great detail on the background story of the menacing old citadel in the center of Tarantia.

“The background story for the Iron Tower is deeply involved with the ongoing conflict in the common district. Anoki, the leader of the Daughters, has gathered her officers and invaded the tower. Her reasons are yet unknown, but word on the street has it that she is trying to free a specific prisoner.”

Find out more in our interview, where Carola also talks about the encounters and the type of loot found inside the Iron Tower.

If that has grabbed your interest, be sure to check out the in-depth article on the Iron Tower, where the dungeon bosses are described, along with their back-stories. You can also find out some specifics about loot here, including items stats. There are hints at new content to be added to the game at a later date too.

In another article on AoC, get up to speed on everything Funcom has announced about upcoming features so far. Read about Guild Renoun, where almost every action in the game will improve your guild’s standing. Also read up on the new PvP towers and the Tier Three Raids, and of course, refresh your knowledge on the ‘Rise of the Godslayer’. Funcom also addresses the concerns and issues raised by players.

Halloween is just around the corner, and AoC is celebrating the event in its own way. The Nights Of The Lost Souls in-game event will provide players with new quests to complete and new special items to acquire, all themed as you’d expect. Fermented Brain Juice anyone? Go on, it makes you vomit… No? Oh well. I’m sure you won’t turn down some of the other spooky items that are up for grabs though. Find out more in the detailed article on the fast-approaching event, including the lore behind the .

You can also read all about the highly anticipated feature in the Veteran System close-up article, which lists the items players will be entitled to and how to earn veteran points.

Finally, don’t forget to check out all the new screenshots of the Iron Tower and its inhabitants, new gear and more.

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