Grand Theft Auto V Online looks to impress once again with the latest ‘Freemode Events’ update. This follows the news that GTA’s single player will likely not be supported as Rockstar shifts its focus onto the online component of the game.

This new addition looks to further streamline the online experience by creating game-modes that are seamlessly integrated into the games standard free-mode. This means that players can simply walk into online events without the need to sit through any kind of loading screen or even a lobby. This helps stop any breaks in immersion that the players may suffer while roaming around Los Santos.

The game-modes themselves are varied, from ‘Hunt the Beast’, a mode where a single player must navigate the map whilst being hunted down by other players dressed as some kind of werewolf, to basic online missions and events that reward the player for actions made within the free-mode world. A full list of new game-modes for GTA V Online can be found on the official Rockstar site here.

Aside from these additions to the PC version of the game, the ‘Rockstar Editor’ is now available on console versions of the game alongside fixes for gameplay glitches across platforms. We will be looking forward to future updates for Grand Theft Auto V Online.



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