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F1 2021 brings the pinnacle of motorsport in video game form, and this year’s release touts many features and tweaks. Chief among these is the Braking Point story mode. We’ll also see improvements to MyTeam, Driver Career (including two-player split-screen), improved damage simulation, additional difficulty options, and more.

Additionally, three tracks will arrive in due course as free DLC. These are Imola, Portimão, and Jeddah. We don’t know yet when these will be added, but, once they’re available, you can select them at the start of the next season in your career modes. In any case, here’s our F1 2021 guides and features hub to help you out.

 F1 2021: Guides and features hub

Official review –  Last year’s game definitely wowed me since it was my first foray into the F1 gaming franchise. With a plethora of improvements and modes, does F1 2021 warrant a day one purchase or are these tweaks not enough to pique your interest?

Braking Point guide – Breaking Point showcases the careers of two fictional drivers, rookie Aiden Jackson and veteran Casper Akkerman. These two teammates can’t get along, and an annoying rival, Devin Butler, is eager to make a ruckus. Here’s our guide to help you with each chapter’s objectives.

MyTeam basics: Sponsors, engines, teammates, and acclaim – You’re both the owner of an organization and its star driver. That means you’ll have to manage the company’s sponsors, engine manufacturers, team acclaim, and the capabilities of your partner.

MyTeam development: Facilities, R&D upgrades, and resource points – As a newcomer to the field in MyTeam, your vehicle will be sluggish at first. However, you’ll soon develop new parts by using resource points. You can also upgrade your facilities and departments to improve their capabilities.

Driver Career – The regular career mode is back. Which team is the best one for you?

F1 2021 is available via Steam. If you own the deluxe edition, then it’s playable now. Meanwhile, those who have the standard edition can play when the game officially launches on July 16.

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