F1 2021 Myteam Guide Best Sponsors Engine Driver Teammate Acclaim

F1 2021 MyTeam guide — Sponsors, drivers, engines, and acclaim

Building your organization.

MyTeam is back in F1 2021. The mode allows you to go through multiple seasons as both the team’s owner and driver. As such, you’re not only racing, but you’re also managing the inner workings of the organization. Here’s our F1 2021 MyTeam guide to help you with sponsors, your partner driver, engine selections, and acclaim.

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Note: For more information, check out our F1 2021 guides and features hub. You can also take a look at our MyTeam guide for facilities and R&D projects.


 F1 2021 MyTeam guide – All about sponsors, drivers, engines, press interviews, and acclaim


Before we get started with various mechanics, let’s talk about customization first. F1 2021‘s MyTeam mode allows you to import the customizations you’ve done to your driver avatar, attire, and car livery. The only exception would be with regard to sponsors (since you get to choose them in a while).

You’ll also be able to create a team badge or logo. In my case, I decided to pick the most Filipino-looking guy in the crowd because I gotta represent “EDSA Traffic Racing.” Pinoy readers would know that racing in EDSA (an avenue in the Philippines) would be ridiculous due to the heavy traffic.

F1 2021 Myteam Guide Best Sponsors Engine Driver Teammate Acclaim 1

Sponsors and Team Acclaim

I digress. Anyway, as mentioned, you get to choose from various sponsors. The four that are available offer a huge signing bonus. They’ll also provide you with weekly income and a goal bonus in the millions:

Sponsor Signing Bonus Goal Bonus (Season) Weekly Income
X-Formig $4,200,000 $1.68m – Complete a full season $280k
RGB $4,400,000 $2.24m – Finish 10th or better in the Constructors’ Championship $268.8k
Xenon Dynamics $4,500,000 $4.03m – Earn 15 points in the Constructors’ Championship $268.8k
Echo $4,600,000 $3.92m – As a team, achieve two points finishes during a season. $263.2k

The idea here is to choose a sponsor with a goal that you can definitely reach depending on your capabilities. Completing a full season or just finishing 10th or better in the Constructors’ Championship (there are only 11 teams) seems fairly easy. Still, the other two goals are very much achievable if you can get podium or points finishes consistently. Personally, I went with Xenon Dynamics here since I was playing a shorter season (10 races/5 laps).

F1 2021 Myteam Guide Best Sponsors Engine Driver Teammate Acclaim 2a

As you progress further in F1 2021‘s MyTeam seasons, you’ll increase the team’s acclaim. There are many factors to consider here such as your race finishes, qualifying positions, individual acclaim, interview answers, and calendar activities.

In any case, at levels 5, 10, 15, and 25, you get to unlock one extra sponsor. These companies have shorter contracts, so make sure to review them under the Corporate – Sponsorships tab. Moreover, they provide bonuses based on weekly goals (i.e., per race). Some tend to be no-brainers (i.e., answer two interview questions during a race weekend). However, others might require more patience. Here are some examples:

  • No DNF results for both drivers.
  • Qualify in a particular pole position or better.
  • Out-qualify your rival.
  • Complete all practice programs.
  • Complete a number of laps during practice.
  • Have the fastest lap in a race.

I genuinely dislike having to do practice runs, so I find some of these objectives time-consuming. As such, I just went with sponsors with weekly goals like obtaining Constructors’ Championship points.

F1 2021 Myteam Guide Best Sponsors Engine Driver Teammate Acclaim 2b


We got sidetracked a bit, but another part of the selection process in F1 2021‘s MyTeam mode concerns the engine. The expenses here will be deducted from the signing bonus based on the main sponsor that you picked earlier.

You can see the selections in the image below. I actually prefer Mercedes here due to the high performance stat, though you can still opt for Honda.

F1 2021 Myteam Guide Best Sponsors Engine Driver Teammate Acclaim 3

Your Second Driver or Teammate

After picking an engine, you can choose someone who’ll be the second driver for your MyTeam organization. These are Formula Two racers, which means they still have fairly low stats compared to Formula One drivers. You’ll see the following stats:

  • Individual acclaim
  • Overall rating
  • Experience – The additional resource points you’ll earn for R&D projects.
  • Racecraft – Determines how well they can perform overtakes.
  • Awareness – Faster reactions and tighter control.
  • Pace – General speed and keeping up with the pack.
  • Focus – This is a new stat introduced in F1 2021‘s MyTeam mode. Focus determines the mood or morale of a driver, showing if they’ve got their eyes on the prize or if they’re unhappy with the situation.

After several weeks pass or towards the end of a season, you can sign new drivers to your squad to replace the partner that you have. Simply visit the Corporate – Driver Market tab to follow individuals that you have your eye on.

Form New21 Mytgd Bs 1

Press interviews

Press interviews will affect the growth of your departments, as well as the acclaim of your character and teammate. Generally, you’ll want to avoid answers that make you look like an arrogant jerk. Just remain supportive so that everyone’s in good spirits.

Form New21 Mytgd Bs 2

Your own character’s Acclaim

Lastly, you can boost your character’s perks by going to Corporate -> Contracts -> Driver Perks. This screen will show you four options with varying costs and levels:

  • Social Media Team – Increases individual acclaim generation.
  • Power Mapping – Reduces engine wear.
  • Media Coaching – Provides additional interview responses.
  • Development Feedback – Increases resource point generation.

Anyway, let’s go to the next part of our F1 2021 MyTeam guide series. We’ll talk about the organization’s facilities, R&D upgrades, and various boosts (i.e., calendar activities and press interviews).

Form New21 Mytgd Bs 3

F1 2021 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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