Starbreeze/EA judging level of interest for ‘Syndicate HD’?
A poll on the official Syndicate Facebook page seems to have been set up as a means of gauging how interested fans would be in an HD remake of Bullfrog’s original 1993 Syndicate.
As you can see from the screen capture (below), the poll asks whether or not players have played the original game or whether they’re going to play the Syndicate-as-first-person-shooter ‘re-imagining’ upon its 21 Feb, 2012 release.
The third option is the most interesting, however – it asks whether you’re planning on playing ‘Syndicate’s HD release’. EA have gone out of their way to educate us about the fact that Starbreeze’s FPS is not a ‘mere’ HD release of the original, so surely they wouldn’t refer to the upcoming Syndicate FPS as an ‘HD release’?
In their own words, EA told IncGamers that “…if we were to simply re-skin the original game in high-def then you’d probably get an equal amount of backlash.”
Taking that into account, the phrasing of the Facebook poll seems to suggest that an HD re-release is perhaps on the cards.
This also plays into what EA Partners’ Ben O’Donnell told us recently. When we asked whether EA was planning anything special for fans of the original, he said “There might be, but we’re not ready to announce anything like that quite yet.”
Source: Facebook

Paul Younger
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