Fallen Earth Item Store Opens

Icarus Studios launched its item store for Fallen Earth over the weekend, offering a couple of in-game goodies to players in return for cash. You can now get your hands on the Kaibab Cur, a pet dog that not only looks good next to your character as you explore the wasteland, but offers four storage slots too. Players can have one of these items per account, so choose which character to pair the poochie up with. This item will set you back $10 USD.  Next up are the Brass Goggles, a third level item that acts like a seventh level item. If your character is wearing these, it will be protected against piercing, fire, cold and ballistic damage. Again, you’re limited to one set of these goggles per account, and they can be picked up for the slightly cheaper cost of $5 USD. If either or both of these take your fancy, drop by the store to grab them now.