Fallen Earth LLC has released the latest patch notes for the live client, v1.3.11See the full list of changes below:Fallen Earth™ Game Version Notes
Version 1.3.11

April 19th, 2010

Dueling System
We hope you’ve got some practice from the PTS as fellow wastelanders will now have the ability to challenge you to a full-on brawl anywhere outside the PvP zones! If you’re successful, you’ll enjoy a local broadcast publicizing your feat!

We’ve all heard that New Gallows has been taken over by Human League reinforcements and now you’ll have a chance to head over there and check it out for yourselves. This first stage of the town revamp means new missions and reward items, so be sure to visit Gallows before it’s reactivated as a conflict town in patch 1.4!


* Changed rifle Melee Defense penalties to scale based on subtype. For example, Sniper Rifles and Crossbows maintain the -60 penalty, while Battle Rifles have had their penalty reduced to -30, and Assault Rifles and Shotguns are likewise reduced to -15. Heavy Weapons such as the rocket launcher retain their -60 Melee Defense penalty. Special enhanced crafted versions may cut these penalties further as appropriate.

Conflict Towns

* Placed merchants with Basic and Simple Repair Kits in conflict town faction camps. Haietta and Park City faction camp merchants should also sell Average Repair Kits.


* Updated all New Flagstaff University creature stats.
* Lengthened the respawn times for some types of Ferocious Bears.
* Removed an unnecessary mission item drop from certain gorilla mobs.
* Updated the Changed creatures in the Hive of the Changed with better statistics and abilities.


* Gave the Toxic Fumes effect a max use range. This stops the effect from being applied after someone dies.

Harvest Nodes

* Moved or removed several unattainable harvest and scavenge nodes.
* Corrected a spelling error in select GloabalTech harvest nodes.
* Added a large number of equipment, salvage, and treasure nodes inside many locations of instanced content across all three sectors.
* Adjusted the respawn time on nodes in farmable areas near towns. Only a few car nodes and extremely rare resources have more than a 10 minute respawn rate.
* Increased the respawn time on non-clustered nodes and small cluster nodes.
* Fixed the issues with nodes on mission “Them Bones”.


* Implemented the new item fatigue and the restore option.
* Changed the recipe requirements for the Hard Target Visor.
* Corrected the Nightstick so that it can be wielded in the left hand and reduced its weight and cost.
* Changed the description of Canned Brown Bread to indicate that it is a Tradeskill Component. It still sorts into the Usable Items area of the pack.
* Rebalanced the Superior Helmet to offer an amount of mitigation more in line with other top-end helmets, reducing its total armor value from 2733 to 1731.
* Changed the recipes for injector research books of ranks 2-4 for all mutation paths to use more Scrap Paper and Tainted Genetic Material instead of Tainted Mutant Genetic Material. Some recipes also use Weak Biologic Chemical now.
* Added a recipe for “Oh Noes!” Hot Sauce to the Cooking Components 2 knowledge.
* Changed all food items so that players cannot use more than one food item at a time.
* Changed all drink items so that players cannot use more than one drink item at a time.
* Corrected the description of Improved Bombs 2 to indicate that it teaches Improved Bombs 2 rather than Improved Bombs 1.
* Reduced the level, components, attribute requirements, skill gains, and cost for War Hammers 1.
* Added a recipe for Kinetic Stabilizer Research to Improved Enhanced Armor 3, allowing players to make Crude Kinetic Stabilizer Cards.
* Fixed Crude MediGraft, Impure MediGraft, Average MediGraft, Crude StimSurge, Impure StimSurge, and Average StimSurge so that you can only use them on yourself.
* Changed the description of Crude StimSurge, Impure StimSurge, and Average StimSurge to indicate a 60-second cooldown.
* Changed the recipe for the M-11 Gun to use an Alloy Steel Long Heavy Barrel rather than an Alloy Steel Long Light Barrel.
* Changed the recipe for Eagle Mac’s Healing Salve so that it makes 10 instead of 1. Changed its components and skill requirement.
* Changed the Pale Raven so that it requires two hands and increased its optimum and maximum ranges and damage. It is now balanced as a battle rifle.
* Changed the recipe for Beast Might 6 to come from the Primal Injectors 6 knowledge.
* Increased the skill requirements and gains for the Antibody 7 Injector recipe.
* Changed the components, skill requirements, and skill gains for the Centrifuge Sabotage Bomb recipe.
* Corrected some food effects to grant a bonus to health regeneration rather than base health.
* Changed the skill gains for Improved Enhanced Armor 1 Instructions, Improved Enhanced Armor 2 Instructions, and Improved Enhanced Armor 3 Instructions.
* Changed the recipe for Advanced Horse Training 1 Instructions to come from Improved Horse Training 1 rather than Horse Training 1.
* Corrected Primal Injectors 5 Instructions, Primal Injectors 6 Instructions, and Primal Injectors 7 Instructions to use the Mutagenics tradeskill kit.
* Added armor values to the Blood-painted Glove.
* Changed the recipe for the New Gallows Care Package to use a Science Tradeskill Kit and a Science facility. The recipe no longer requires a facility and can be completed offline. It now has an equal chance of any of its components being salvaged. Changed its components, weight, number allowed, cost, and stacking number. Added a requirement of level 5. Made the item usable.
* Changed the Alpha Injectors 2 Research book so that it can’t be sold or traded.
* Made the Basic Construction Kit recipe salvageable.
* Increased the drop rate on Eddings’s Tumor and El Cadejo’s Claw.
* Made the recipe Tanner’s Whiskey sellable and tradable.
* Removed unnecessary mission triggers from the items “Bundle of Trophies”, “Jug of Chemicals”, and “Enforcer Brains.”
* Made the effects for Spicy Re-Fried Bean Paste and Choice Salted Meat removable, and changed their activation and expiration text.
* Corrected a typo in the description of Wasteland Goulash.
* Changed the description of Alpha Injectors 2 Research to indicate the correct level of Alpha Mutation Injectors.
* Changed the description of Pan-Fried Crab to indicate that it grants +5 Dexterity rather than +4 Dexterity.
* Changed the effect description of Ketchup to match its trigger description. Changed its Power Level from 1 to 60, and made the effect removable.
* Corrected the items E.V.O.O. and Teriyaki Sauce to give the intended amount of health regeneration, strength boost, and increased resistances. Decreased the health regeneration boost of E.V.O.O. and Teriyaki Sauce from 25 to 12.
* Changed the cost of the Scoped Rangemaster 30.06 from 4787 chips to 8336 chips.
* Changed the recipe for Impure Antiseptic to use 11 Weak Antiseptic rather than 10 Weak Antiseptic and 5 Weak Botanic Chemicals.
* Added a recipe for Impure Antiseptic that uses 4 Weak Botanic Chemicals. Removed Impure Botanic Chemicals from the existing refining recipe for Standard Antiseptic. Added a recipe for Standard Antiseptic that only uses 4 Impure Botanic Chemicals. Removed Average Botanic Chemicals from the existing recipe for Strong Antiseptic. Added a recipe for Strong Antiseptic that uses 3 Average Botanic Chemicals.
* Added a clause in the tooltip for the Crude Smoke Sphere to explain its cooldown time.
* Gave items yellow and red indicators at 25% and 1% respectively.


* Added new LifeNet facilities, one near New Flagstaff University in Sector Two, and two near Docuer’s Court in Sector Three.


* Updated Reconstruction (all ranks) to make it work a bit more efficiently.
* Reworked Sharing the Light (Lightbearer Capstone). The use time has been reduced to 2 seconds, the cooldown reduced to five minutes, and the AoE functionality tweaked slightly, and the ability only works on dead team members. The heal value remains unchanged.


* Increased the health of the Franklin’s Rider Horse to 500 and its storage to 30 slots.
* Increased the health of the Vista Ranger horse to 400.
* Increased the storage on the Portland Runner to 20.
* Decreased the crafting time of the Electric Buggy.


* Reduced the XP rewards for crafting vehicles by 50% and research books by 80%.

Sector One

* Gave Judges, Night Wolves, and Survivalists in the Upper Plateau social aggro.
* Added Judge Penitents with ranged weapons to the Mowbray Basin.
* Added Night Wolf Hunters with ranged weapons to the Ascendant Ridge, High Point, Toro Bend, and Toro Valley areas.
* Added Judge Penitents with ranged weapons to the Toro Valley area.
* Added more harvest nodes to the Upper Plateau.
* Increased the visible range on an oil refinery in Central Plains.
* Banker Storyline
+ Cleaned up the way items are handled in the mission chain “Internal Communication.”
* Boneclaw
+ Adjusted the position of a truck for pathing reasons in the asphalt plant southeast of Boneclaw.
+ Replaced a trash pile that was causing pathing issues in the asphalt plant southeast of Boneclaw.
+ Changed the text of the mission “Breaking the Lawmen” to reflect the new state of New Gallows.
+ Reduced the XP value of the repeatable town event mission “The Dogs of Boneclaw” to match the values of similar missions.
+ Removed the reference to number of items needed in the story text of the mission “Cockroach Chitlin.”
* Clinton FARM
+ Adjusted the position of some exploitable debris in the Gaunt’s Raiders waystation, northeast of Clinton FARM.
+ Adjusted the position of a Gaunt’s Raider Sniper so that it always spawns on the staircase.
+ Reduced the aggro range and increased the respawn time of the melee Gaunt’s Raiders in the Gaunt’s Raiders waystation northeast of Clinton FARM.
+ Increased the respawn time of the Salvagers in the Salvager Fields, south of Clinton FARM.
+ Added more ants and nodes to the Ant Fields northeast of Clinton FARM. Reduced the aggro range and increased the respawn time of the Soldier Ants.
+ Lowered a floating bed.
+ Updated the clothing for Delia Clinton.
+ Standardized the story text for the mission “Where You Cut One Down.”
* Coppermine
+ Lowered some floating debris.
* Depot 66
+ Added several copper nodes to the area.
+ Adjusted the placement of coyotes in the area.
+ Made the level 1 and 2 Gully Dogs north of Depot 66 hostile and social.
+ Reduced the aggro range of the level 3 and 4 starving coyotes.
+ Increased the size of the giant creeper in the creeper ghost town north of Depot 66.
+ Adjusted the placement of scorpions in the area.
+ Made the level 1 to 3 scorpions to the west hostile. Added more scorpions.
* Embry Crossroads
+ Corrected a typo in the story text of step two of the mission series “My Word is My Bond.”
+ Corrected typo in the text of the mission “Clearing the Battlefield.”
+ Corrected a typo in the story text of the mission “Testing the Waters.”
+ Changed “craftsman” to “craftsmen” in the text of the mission “Up Close and Personal.”
+ Corrected several typos in the greeting conversation for the mission “True Reason.”
+ Corrected a typo in the reward text of the mission “The Goat’s Gruff.”
+ Flipped a car near Embry onto its tires to be congruent with model design.
+ Created a new object for the base of the Texan Invasion monument.
* Gully Dog Castle
+ Added a ramp to the second level of a building.
* Highway Bridge
+ Improved pathing under the bridge to keep NPCs from getting stuck.
* Hotel Nevada
+ Removed some wolves that were too close to the LifeNet pod.
+ Adjusted the behavior of Fingers, the boss of the Gaunt’s Raiders.
* Linewood
+ Switched the models for some of the target objects for the mission “Goggles” to ensure that they appear properly for every player.
+ Allowed an instanced-only mission mob Grigor to move from his standing location and chase down players.
* Midway
+ Changed the Overlook Lizard Dog to a level 8 boss.
+ Corrected the spelling of “Sheriff” in the title of the mission “The Sheriff’s Gratitude.”
+ Corrected a typo in the greeting text of the mission “Advance Warning.”
+ Corrected a typo in the reward text of the mission “Emergency Cache.”
+ Corrected the punctuation in the greeting and reward text of the mission “Market Forces.”
+ Corrected a typo in the story text of the mission “Regulatory Commission.”
+ Added a custom goal string for step two of the mission series “The Great Machine.”
+ Corrected a typo in the text of the mission “Refiner’s Fire.”
+ Corrected typos in the greeting text of the mission “Preventive Medicine.”
+ Corrected a typo in the greeting text for step two of the mission series “Blood Simple.”
+ Prevented an incorrect NPC from handing out the mission “The Prime Tracker.”
+ Updated the reward text of the mission “Gourmet Poison?”
+ Removed scrub from the road.
+ Updated the clothing on the NPCs Linda Green and Jenny Dunn.
+ Standardized all of the town’s story strings.
+ Fixed two harvest nodes that were sinking through a roof in a building and visible through the ceiling.
* Missile Silo
+ Corrected the mission “Voice From the Darkness” so that all of the roaches in the area count for its goal.
+ Corrected the waypoints for the mission “Wanted Dead.”
* Mowbray
+ Tweaked the mission “Hold the High Ground” to prevent some rare cases where mobs would fail to aggro.
* Needle Eye
+ Allowed all of the Throwback Scouts to chase players.
+ Prevented the questor Denver MacBride from joining players on the raid mission “Refugee Wrath: Guts and Glory.”
* Newton
+ Adjusted some harvest nodes, southeast of Newton so that they wouldn’t spawn under a crashed plane.
* North Burb
+ Replaced the eggs in the giant spider nest with a more realistic model.
+ Repositioned Nathan Whittle to keep him from floating.
* Odenville
+ Added more wolves and nodes near the mine south of Odenville.
+ Added a garage just outside the LifeNet facility in town.
+ Prevented the reward string of the second step of the mission series “Walking Wounded” from repeating.
+ Adjusted the terrain around the garage.
* Oilville
+ Added no vehicle area around northern auctioneer.
+ Added scavenging nodes to Boom Town, southwest of Oilville.
+ Adjusted the positions of level 4 to 6 creepers around the den north of Oilville.
+ Moved the target enemies for the mission “Upton’s Lament” to a more interesting location.
+ Edited the goal text of step four of the mission series “Default Setting” for clarity.
+ Removed the Boss tag from the enemy mob “Simeon Littlejohn.”
+ Corrected the waypoint for the mission “The Truth About CoGs.”
+ Deleted a floating shrub.
+ Raised multiple floating objects in the valley nearby.
+ Updated the text of step three of the mission series “The Truth About CoGs” to note that Acolytes can be found in multiple camps in the area.
+ Adjusted some harvest nodes south of Oilville to keep them from spawning inside a mountain.
+ Adjusted the reward text for the Oilville town event to more accurately reflect the state of the event.
* Old Kingman
+ Fixed the spawning of raiders for the ATV mission “Steel Bath.”
+ Fixed the terrain that was protruding into a Kingman Prison stairwell.
+ Covered a spot on the prison that was missing a face.
+ Fixed a building that was invisible from certain angles.
+ Clarified the text of the mission “All’s Fair in Science and War.”
+ Fixed the goal text of the mission “No Gauze for Alarm.”
+ Added custom goal text for the mission “The Head Cheese.”
+ Changed step two of the mission series “The Head Cheese” so that Whackjob Eddie can no longer give the mission.
+ Fixed redundant titles on Gaunt’s Raiders in the Old Kingman Prison.
+ Moved two Gaunt’s Raiders in the prison yard so that they’re no longer standing in a trash pile
* Pass Chris
+ Deleted a misplaced interest object NPC.
+ Removed the Cooking skill requirement from the mission series “Light at the End.”
+ Improved the reward of the final step of the mission chain “Light at the End.”
* Salvager Fortress
+ Added Salvager Guards and scavenging nodes.
+ Removed a rope object that was clipping into a wall.
+ Corrected the missing geometry on a tower.
* Spider Hill
+ Fixed a typo in the mission “Clear the Workers.”
+ Removed a bugged ladder and some floating corpses from a tower to the southeast.
* Terance
+ Replaced hostile wolves with passive wild dogs north of Terance.
+ Replaced level 3 and 4 hostile Gully Dogs with level 1 and 2 hostile Gully Dogs around the Gully Dog house in Terance.
+ Changed Digger Grunt’s respawn time to 3 minutes with a variance of 10 seconds.
+ Added coyotes behind the Zombie Mansion southwest of Terance.
+ Gave the Zombie Hunters shoes.
+ Increased the respawn times for some of the hostile enemies in and around Terance.
+ Changed the training mission “Disrupted” so that it no longer takes players through dangerous territory.
* Trumbull
+ Updated step two of the mission series “Keep the Wolf From the Door” so that it only counts the correct mobs.
+ Corrected the waypoint on the mission “The Ballad of Jayne.”

Sector Two

* Added NPC conversers to the faction towns, Sunshine Corners, and New Flagstaff with information about the fall of New Gallows.
* Lowered a floating guardrail north of Credit Bend.
* Aesterly
+ Updated the clothing for Jessie Arant.
* Barret Manor
+ Fixed a minor error in the greeting text of step five of the mission series “Coughing Up Armor.”
+ Restructured step two of the mission series “Chasing Rebels” to make the fight more fun.
+ Changed the letter nodes for the mission “Protecting the Post” to mail bags to make them more visible in the new scrub.
+ Updated the clothing on the NPC Lily Verence.
+ Increased the Questionable Vegetable requirement for the mission “Feast of Kings” from 5 to 8, and removed the Pot Stickers and Mama’s Liver Bake items from the rewards.
* Blaine
+ Changed the reward step of the mission series “Waiting Period Blues” to prevent exploiting.
+ Updated the mission “Puts Hair on Your Chest” to require ten Stewed Veggies instead of one.
+ Updated the mission series “H/K” so that Roderigo will not offer the step that Kirby is supposed to give.
+ Removed the Hydra Weed Leaf drops from creatures outside of Blaine, and changed the drop rate to 1 in 3. A Hydra Weed Leaf now counts as a Tainted Vegetable in crafting.
* Burnside
+ Added an additional LifeNet facility very close to the garage just outside of town.
+ Changed the mission “Iron, Flesh, and Fuel” to make it clean up its mission items.
+ Changed the terrain in a nearby clearing to match its surroundings.
* Credit Bend
+ Changed the text of the mission “An Unkind Cut” to reflect changes in New Gallows.
+ Corrected the name of the “Between the Lines” mission series.
+ Moved the goal location for the mission “Shouting of all the Sons” and allowed the target mobs to spawn normally.
+ Changed the item goals for the mission “Sum of Earthly Bliss” and step two of the series “Idle Thunder.”
+ Removed two defunct NPCs.
* Devil’s Own Fortress
+ Allowed the “Dated Fine Wine” nodes to also spawn inside the instanced version of this level.
+ Moved the waypoint of the mission “Bring Me the Wine!” to the front door of the level to better signify that the wine bottles can be found all over the level.
* The Dump
+ Fixed the escort target for the Tech, CHOTA, and Traveler versions of the mission “No Negotiation” so that he will talk to the player.
+ Removed scrub from the road.
* Fracture
+ Added Refine Genetic Material to the Mutagenics trainer
+ Reduced the drop rate of Union IDs for the mission “Pissed as Hell” and reduced the number needed for the mission to 3.
+ Removed an incorrect reference to the number of items players must collect for the mission “Remains of the Dead.”
+ Made the NPC Ren invulnerable.
+ Fixed the mission “It’s Not the Plague” to prevent a dialogue string from repeating.
+ Removed the numbered steps from the names of the mission series “The Ritual Hunt,” “Trial of Adaptation,” and “Breaking the Law.”
+ Altered the mission goals for step two of the mission series “How the CHOTA Clean House” so that players now must destroy an object by attacking it instead of just clicking on it.
+ Allowed drops for the mission “Bits and Pieces” to also count as a tradeskill item. Decreased their drop rate and the amount required by the mission.
+ Changed the AP mission “How the CHOTA Clean House” so that it no longer requires players to enter Credit Bend.
+ Fixed the text of the mission “How the CHOTA Clean House” to better reflect the Storm problem.
+ Changed the text for the mission “It’s Not the Plague,” which goes to Credit Bend, to make it clear that there is no need to return to Fracture.
+ Removed the step number from the name of the missions in the “Pointed Information” chain.
* Gamburian Encampment
+ Adjusted rewards on all the missions in the camp.
* Haven
+ Repositioned two Lightbearer workers in the clinic to keep their hands from sinking into objects.
+ Lowered some floating debris objects outside of town.
+ Reduced the drop rate of item needed for the mission “Storm in a Teacup” and changed the manner in which mobs that drop the item are spawned.
* Hollister Point
+ Added a repeatable step named “Arachni-Dammit!” to the Bug Farm mission “Arachni-DIE!”
+ Added a repeatable step named “Putting Out Feelers” to the Bug Farm mission “Free Range Stinkbug.”
+ Added a repeatable step to the Bug Farm mission “Tastier than Stinkbug?” named “Blind Taste Test.”
+ Added a repeatable step to the Greenburgh mission “Loved Laborer Lost” named “White Out.”
+ Added a repeatable step to the Greenburgh mission “Music to my Ears” named “Let the Music Play.”
+ Added a repeatable step to the Greenburgh mission “Precious Package” named “Too Many Packages.”
+ Updated the mission “Loved Laborer Lost” so that only White Crow Soldats count toward the mission goals.
+ Fixed the repeatable versions of faction control missions so that they offer reduced experience.
+ Updated the missions “Slay the Leaders,” “Eliminate the Alphas,” “Hit List,” “Targeting System,” “High Value Targets,” and “Whispers in the Darkness” so that the missions display a waypoint and the journal text is clearer.
+ Moved some tents out of the pathways.
+ Updated the clothing on Meryl Owen.
+ Updated the Bug Farm mission “Pest Poachers” to require 3 Weak Botanic Chemical instead of 10 Impure Botanic Chemical and 3 Questionable Water instead of 10.
* New Flagstaff
+ Removed the item Prairie Chicken Genetic Sample from prairie chickens since it was no longer needed for any missions.
+ Overhauled the New Flagstaff University instance content including mob placement, bosses, missions, and goals.
+ Changed step five of the mission series “Revolution’s Heirs” from a mission that instances New Flagstaff University to a mission that takes place within New Flagstaff University.
+ Increased the respawn time for the Union Representatives for the mission, “Equipment Salvage.”
+ Changed the way step two of the mission series “Hot-blooded” works so that if players fail to kill the generated mobs the mobs are not hostile to others.
+ Altered the way step eight of the mission series “Lost City” works so that players who delete the mission item can still complete the series.
+ Removed the drops for the mission “Equipment Salvage” from the Devil’s Own near Aesterly and clarified the preferred location where they can be found in the mission text.
+ Added two Mutant interest object chatterers.
+ Altered the goals and length of mission chain “Revolution’s Heirs” which now takes place in a new mine filled with hostile Shiva’s Favored not far from the town.
+ Added line breaks to the greeting text of the mission “Weasely Little *******.”
+ Extended the time in which ambushers spawn for step three of the mission series “Friendly Persuasion.”
+ Relocated the goal for the mission “Art Appreciation.”
+ Changed the positions of enemy spawns for step four of the mission series “United We Fall.”
+ Altered the number of spawns per wave for step four of the mission series “Neighborhood Watch.”
+ Reduced the items needed and increased the rewards for step two of the mission series “Mulligan’s Need.”
+ Adjusted the number allowed and stacking count for the Union Badge.
+ Updated some text issues in the repeatable “Road to Reconstruction” missions.
+ Moved the Human League Recruiters to within social aggro range of each other.
+ Dressed the Human League Recruiters and Captain Sandusky properly.
* New Gallows
+ New Gallows has been overrun by Human League! Arriving in overwhelming force, they’ve devastated the faction camps. The factions no longer fight for control. They now fight for their lives.
+ Converted the faction repeatable kill missions in New Gallows faction camps. They are now group missions to kill Human League veterans, that reward the player with a choice of three new items (Recovered Human League Supplies, Torn Human League Patch, Stolen Mutant Trophy).
+ Added new Human League camps around New Gallows, including new veteran build Human League Sergeant, Human League Gunny Sergeant, and Human League Snipers.
+ Added conversers to each faction camp to explain the current situation.
+ Lowered some floating objects.
* Picus Ridge
+ Added Refine Genetic Material to the Mutagenics trainer
+ Removed a reference to an incorrect reward in the text of the mission “The Battle for Jericho.”
* Post 23
+ Corrected a typo in the reward text of the mission “Eva’s Reward.”
+ Edited the story text to indicate the correct direction.
+ Corrected the spelling of Sergeant Rearden’s name in all locations.
* Pumphouse Road
+ Updated the local Cockroaches so they now reliably drop “Bug Parts” for the mission “Ramblin’ Man 3.”
* Sunshine Corners
+ Removed scrub from the road and evened out the terrain in a nearby camp.
+ Added two Human League interest object chatterers.
+ Lowered several floating objects.
* Thorne’s Bluff
+ Corrected a typo in the story string of step five of the mission series “Self Discovery.”
+ Fixed an issue with scrub poking through a sleeping bag.
+ Gave the NPC Peter Koblinski a sledgehammer.
+ Adjusted the patrol path of the guards to keep them from walking through a wall.
* Tinkersdam
+ Updated the target object for the mission “Tinkersdam Balm” to be a medical box rather than the large trunk.
+ Edited the text of the mission “War and Drugs” to accurately describe the location.
+ Fixed references to the Devil’s Own attacking the town in the mission “Find Something Really Useful.”
+ Updated the clothing for Haile Balzan and Marja Koppel.
+ Updated all faction versions of the mission “Public Works Fund” so that it sends the player to the proper waypoint for Andrew Larkiin.
* Windfarm
+ Updated the clothing for Karissa Stapleton, Taime, Deirdre Palmer, Maya Peters, and Mai Peters.

Sector Three

* Added new faction mob camps outside of Gaia, Warhall, Banker’s Hole, and Chemtown.
* Banker’s Hole
+ Added the Traveler Muscle Belt to the Traveler Faction Merchant, Starla Bradly.
+ Changed the delivery target of the mission “An Ignorant Age” to Blue-Skull, inside the town of Warhall, and altered the mission text to support this.
+ Prevented the NPC Walter Curlew from attacking nearby Lightbearers.
+ Updated the clothing for Nadia Buckland.
+ Updated the text of the Town Event to specify the correct location.
* Blackhill
+ Removed a Melee Weapon Repair Kit from Officer Hensler’s merchant inventory.
* Blackridge
+ Fixed the intersecting barrel models.
* Brekshire
+ Removed a misplaced stairwell from the front of a house.
+ Allowed the Human League Propagandist NPC to be attacked and to defend himself.
+ Corrected the headgear models for the Human League mobs.
* Brigg’s Point
+ Allowed a mission target for “Access Denied” to spawn inside of the instanced version of the level.
+ Removed the waypoint for the mission “Clear the Countryside” because there was not a solid central location for the mission goals.
+ Updated the clothing for Adele Moreau.
* Chemtown
+ Added Refine Genetic Material to the Mutagenics trainer.
+ Increased the minimum level of the “Eco-Warrior” mission group to standardize it with similar high-level mission chains across other Sector Three faction towns.
* Creeper Den
+ Adjusted the terrain in the area.
+ Added clear visual indications that this encounter is too dangerous for solo players.
* Deadfall Point
+ Excluded Cass Lightmon and Pete Thornton from mission steps they shouldn’t be giving.
+ Fixed a bug that prevented the reward for the instanced mission “A Thousand Leagues” from working properly. Players who have previously completed this instance may return to the questor and collect the reward.
+ Fixed the Mutagenics Lab so it functions properly and shows on the map.
* Dieseltown
+ Changed the mission “Elementary, My Dear Clone” to clean up its mission item.
+ Moved the waypoint for the mission “Powering Up the Box” and changed the conditions for success slightly to make it easier to avoid attacks.
* Fender Gate
+ Updated the Periplaneta Maximus Leg item so that it can be sold, traded or destroyed. It also counts as Weak Biologic Chemical.
* Gaia
+ Corrected the voice for the NPC Alyssa Keller so she no longer makes negative comments about the Vistas.
+ Added additional information to the story text of the mission “Compost Critters” to help players locate the goal.
+ Moved the waypoint for mission “For Honor and Glory!” to the exact location of the NPC.
+ Changed the CHOTA inside the instance for mission “Cutting out the Cancer” into player friendly NPCs.
+ Made the Paradise Viper enemies hostile.
+ Removed scrub from the road.
* GlobalTech Storyline
+ Prevented a situation in which the instance goals of step eight of the mission series “A Web and Lies of Copper” could be completed outside of the building.
* Haietta
+ Improved the armor and health of the escort target for the mission “Unclean” and its repeatable step.
* Hive of the Changed
+ Adjusted some text so that it reflects more of what the player is actually seeing in the level.
+ Altered the mission “Lucky to be Alive” so that the player cannot complete it on the floor above the soldiers’ gear.
+ Corrected the mission “Objective: Recon 17” so that it no longer chains to “Lucky to Be Alive.”
+ Changed “Birth of Fear” so that the mission is offered by Jeff Rhodes rather than Ryan Keel if the mission is aborted and retaken.
* Papermill
+ Modified and added mission rewards throughout the town, increasing the output of chips and items for completing missions.
+ Reduced the value of the items asked for by the mission “Poison!”
+ Updated the clothing for Maetia Delgada.
+ Changed the mission “Touch Base” to lock out Vista faction players from killing Vistas.
* Park City
+ Updated the clothing for Suzannah Calla.
* Repository
+ Moved the NPC Seamus Takoda slightly to prevent his feet from occasionally appearing stuck in the ground.
* St. Sebastian’s
+ Added Refine Genetic Material to the Mutagenics trainer.
+ Corrected the spelling of Jeanne Lu’s name in the goal text of the mission “One Flew Over.”
* Tannerfield
+ Offered a new town-specific reward recipe, Tanner’s Blood Pie, for characters who get the option “Broken Still” instead of “Parts for the Still.”
+ Added Tanner’s Blood Pie to the Food and Drink Merchant, Estin Gruggs.
+ Fixed a bug that prevented the mission chain “A Key to Knowledge” from advancing past a certain step.
* Trader’s Flat
+ Moved the destination goal for the mission “Prove Yourself Dexterous” to better match the mission text, and increased the range at which the mission can be completed.
+ Changed the victory conditions and the setup for step nine of the mission series “Outside the Box.”
+ Fixed a collision issue that allowed players to go beneath the auction house.
+ Added a Weaponry Merchant.
* Warhall
+ Added Refine Genetic Material to the Mutagenics trainer.
+ Fixed the mission “Typhoid Mutie” so that the mutation mentioned completes the goals.
+ Updated the clothing for a Shiva’s Favored boss.


* Adjusted the particle effect on the stink bug effects.
* Adjusted the visibility of the mountain objects.
* Fixed a bug that caused some junked vehicles to appear very bright by flashlight at night.
* Fixed the doors on bathroom buildings to make them fit properly.
* Created an icon for the Shadowfinder Goggles that matches their appearance in the game.
* Removed the blood splatters you sometimes saw on shooting a gravestone.
* Fixed an issue with the metal shader that can be seen on the Character Selection screen and on the directly ahead when the player spawns in the first room of the tutorial. This fixed a crash on the Mac.
* Remodeled and textured several tents for improved look and performance.
* Remodeled and textured several shanty buildings for improved look and performance.


* Fixed the way one-handed melee weapons are held in both the first and third person views.


* Updated several pairs of boots that previously made the player’s footsteps sound like boots on concrete regardless of the terrain.
* Adjusted timing for the holster and unholster sounds on pistols.
* Corrected the sound of silencers.
* Added four new SMG gun sounds based on the MP5, MP7 and UMP45.
* Made mixing changes to combat and weapon sounds.
* Changed the format of many UI and tutorial sounds to keep file size lower.

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Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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