Yes, it’s the third of seven Fallout 4 videos walking through the main character stats found in the game. That headline would probably work better if this was the exhaustive seventh of seven, but oh well.

    Endurance, what is it good for? Well, reducing the impact of radiation and “physical violence”, for a start. A high endurance makes for a hardy wasteland wanderer, who can shrug off debilitating attacks and effects that might finish off a less rugged and beefy person.

    It’ll also coat your stomach in an impenetrable wall of metaphorical gut-steel, meaning you can eat any old irradiated crap you find laying around Fallout 4’s wilderness without feeling too bad about it. You might even be able to indulge in a spot of cannibalism … but should probably still feel fairly bad about that, at least morally.

    Here’s the rest of the low-down on Endurance.

    Peter Parrish

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