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Fallout New Vegas console commands and cheats

Now make the game the way you like.

In many Bethesda games, console commands and cheats play an important role. If you’ve played Starfield, you can probably see how limitless the console commands can make their games. For Fallout New Vegas, this is pretty much the same, however, there are cheats on top of the console commands. Fallout New Vegas has tons of console commands and cheats to use. If you read on, you may find one that may make the game better.

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All console commands and cheats of Fallout New Vegas

The Fallout games have always been about you and what you can do. While you can create things made by the community like Lucy from the show, you still have almost all the freedom in the world. These commands and cheats take that freedom even further, making the Fallout games fun.

Before we get to the Fallout New Vegas console commands and cheats, you may not know how to input them. I didn’t, but I found the method by accident. Simply tap the tilde key (~). By pressing it, a small window will open up in-game allowing you to register the commands. Easy right?

Fallout New Vegas console commands

Fallout New Vegas console commands and cheats
Image: Obsidian Entertainment
  • All Pip-Boy Markers: tmm 1 – Shows all the Pip-Boy markers and fast-travel locations on the map.
  • Toggle Fog of War: tflow – Toggles the Fog of War on or off in the Pip-Boy map.
  • God Mode: tgm – Allows you to switch invincibility, unlimited ammo, carrying capacity, and AP on or off. On top of that, items won’t degrade.
  •  Demi-God Mode: tdm – Makes you invincible to all damage, but does not have unlimited ammo like God Mode.
  • Kill all NPCs: killall – Kills all the creatures and NPCs in your area.
  • Teleport: coc<celledid> – You can teleport to a specific location. 

Fallout New Vegas inventory commands

Fallout New Vegas console commands and cheats
Image: Obsidian Entertainment
  • Add item to inventory: player.additem<base_id><amount> – Adds an item that will be in full health when it’s in your inventory.
  • Remove item in your inventory: player.removeitem<base_id><amount> – Takes out an item from your inventory.
  • Repair Menu: player.srm – You can use your Repair skill here rather than spending money. It works like merchant repair, but instead, the money will be sent back to you.
  • Show inventory ID: player.eqiupitem<object_id>: Equips an item from your inventory. 
  • Change weapon health: player.setweaponhealthperc<#> – You can change the current health of the weapon you’re using. Just make sure to replace the # symbol with a number between one and 99.

Fallout New Vegas camera commands

Fallout New Vegas console commands and cheats
Image: Obsidian Entertainment
  • Free Camera: tfc – toggles the camera to static or free. Input tfc 1 to pause the game and have the camera still active.
  • Free Camera movement: sucsm <#> – You can change the speed of the camera. One is a slow camera movement while 10 is faster.
  • Remove HUD: tm – Turn the HUD on or off.
  • Field of View: fov <#> – Adjust the field of view to wide or narrow. The number can be set to whatever option you want.
  • Toggle Lightbrite: tlb – Toggle the lightbright mode on or off. In darker or poorly lit areas, this will make things brighter.

Fallout New Vegas NPC commands

Fallout New Vegas console commands and cheats
Image: Obsidian Entertainment

Note, make sure you’re targeting NCPs before inputting the commands. I didn’t do that, and nothing happened. So to avoid my mistake, make sure you’re locked on the NPC.

  • Set Target: prid <ref_id> – Like left-clicking the target but you can select NPCs you can’t see. Might be useful. 
  • Teleport to NPC: player.moveto<ref_id> – You can move to a certain NPC anywhere on the map.
  • Teleport NPC: moveto player: Moves the NPC to you.
  • Add/Remove NPC Inventory item: additem<itembase_id>, removeitem<base_id> – Takes away or adds an item to your inventory.
  • Equip NPC: equipitem<base_id>,unequipitem<base_id>: Equip or take away an item from an NPC.
  • Display NPC Inventory: inv – Shows what the NPC is holding including hidden items.
  • Barter System: sbm – Brings up the barter menu for the traders.
  • Restore NPC health: resethealth – The NCP’s health is brought back to 100 percent.
  • Kill NPC: kill – Kills the NPC
  • Revive NPC: resurrect – Brings the back NPC. However, their inventory might change when they come back.
  • Toggle combat ai: tai – NPCs might be able to do anything if this command is enabled.
  • Set NPC Faction: setally<factionID1><factionID2> – Puts an NPCs in a specific faction.
  • Set Faction as enemy: setenemy <factionID1><factionID2> – Make a faction as an enemy
  • Make NPC immortal: setessential<base_id> <#> – One makes it so the NPC can’t die and zero enables the NPC to become immortal.
  • Start Combat: startcombat – automatically start combat with any NPC.
  • Remove/Restore NPC: disable, enable – Enable or disable an NPC from appearing in the game.
  • Stop NPC Hostility: setav aggression 0: NPCs won’t attack or will stop fighting you.
  • Add NPC script: addscriptpakcage<base_id> – Make another script for the NPC. For example, the id number 4083b will make them follow you.
  • Clone NPC: player.placeleveldactoratme<base_id> – Allows you to duplicate an NPC. 
  • Reset Companion quest: resetquest <quest_id> – The companion quests return to the start. 

Fallout New Vegas stat commands

Fallout New Vegas Player Attacking Robots1
Image: Obsidian Entertainment
  • Damage stat: player.damageactorvalu<varibale> <#> – Drops the health of players to what you set it as.
  • Set scale: player.setscale <#.#> – Changes the size of the player. 1.0 is the default.
  • Actor values: player.getav<varibale> – A target NPCs states get a readout. So you’ll know what their health is and even karma.
  • Set NPC stats: player.setav <variable><#> – Set a specific NPC’s stat to a certain value.
  • Adjust NPC value: player.modav<variable><#> – Change the NPC’s stat higher or lower. 
  • Add perk: player.addperk<variable> – Adds a trait or perk to your character.
  • Remove perk: player.removeperk.<variable> – Takes away a trait of perk from you.
  • Change gender: player.sexchange – Change the sex of your character.
  • Change name: shownamemenu – Gives you the ability to change your name.
  • Change race and face: showracemenu: A menu pops up that allows you to change your race and face. However, when you do, your perks go away. So remove the manually before applying this command.
  • Change traits: showtraitmenu – Allows you to change your traits.
  • Change hair: showbarbermenu – You get a menu that lets you change your hairstyle.
  • Change facial features: showplasticsurgeonmenu: Gives you a chance to change your appearance.
  • Level up: player.advlevel – You gain one level.
  • Change level: player.setlevel <#> – Adjust the overall level of your character.
  • Set age: player.agerace<#> – Sets the age of character. One is for child and two is to make your character an old person.
  • Grant XP: player.rewardxp<#> – You get a specific amount of XP. Make sure you change the number symbol to an actual number.
  • Grant Karma: player.rewardKarma<#> – Set the Karma amount your character gets.
  • Set setting: setgs<string> – Changes certain settings in the game like damage and health. Also when you close the game and go back into it, this resets. So you have to input it every time you’re in the game.

Fallout New Vegas world/item commands

Fallout New Vegas Npcs Gaurding A Base1
Image: Obsidian Entertainment
  • Delete object: zap – Removes an object from the game.
  • Set item scale: setScale<#> – Changes the scale of an item in the world.
  • Show item scale: getScale – Gives a readout of the item’s size. 
  • Unlock: unlock – Opens up safes, doors, and containers. To lock this up, simply type lock.
  • Activate an item: activate – Turns on an item without having to look for its switch. Just target it first.
  • Delete item: markfordelete – Takes an item out of the game world but not the game itself.
  • Get items: player.placeatme<base_id><stack_amoun#t><quality#> – An item gets set next to you. It also allows you to adjust the quantity of the item.
  • Move to an item: player.moveto<ref.id> – You get sent to an item.
  • Show crafting menu: showreceipemenu<catagory>: Enables the crafting menu. 013b2c1 is the workbench, xx0103a0 is the vending machine, 0013e11a is the reloading bench, and 0013b2c0 is the campfire.
  • Set timescale: set timescale to <#> – Change how fast time moves in the game.
  • Set game house: set gamehour to <time> – Sets the game to a specific time.

Fallout New Vegas quest commands

Fallout New Vegas Enegry Being Used To Destroy An Area1
Image: Obsidian Entertainment
  • Move to quest target: movetoqt – Jump to the quest location rather than running there.
  • Show quest log: showquestlog – Shows a log of everything you’ve done in the game.
  • Quest check: getqc<base id> – Highlights all the quests you’ve done. One is for the one you’ve completed while zero is for the ones you’ve yet to do.
  • Quest reset: resetquest <base_Id> – Restarts the specific quest.
  • List objectives: sqs<base id> – Shows the objectives of the quest you’re on.
  • Set quest objective level: setstage <base id><Quest Objective> – Changes the quest objective. 
  • Complete all objectives: CompleteAllObjectives <base id> – Makes it so a certain quest is marked as done.
  • List target: sqt – Shows all the current quest targets.
  • Start all quests – saq: All quests will now start without you triggering them.

Fallout New Vegas game commands

Fallout New Vegas Player Standing Near A Wall1
Image: Obsidian Entertainment
  • Save game: save<save name> – Saves game with a specific description.
  • Load game: load<save name> – Loads the game up with a specific description. 
  • Quit game: quitegame – Exit the game without using navigating the menus.

Fallout New Vegas reputation commands

Fallout New Vegas Player Using Vat1
Image: Obsidian Entertainment
  • Add reputation: addreputation<base_id><variable><amount> – Brings up the reputation of a specific faction. Zero will give them Infamy and one will make them have Fame. 
  • Remove reputation: removereputation<base_id><varibale><amount> – The same as adding but does everything opposite. 
  • Set reputation: setreputation<base_id><variable><amount> – Fixes the reputation of a faction to a specific amount.
  • Remove from all factions: removefromallfactions – This takes you out of all factions including the player’s faction. It’s been known to cause problems. If this happens, you go back into the player faction by inputting the following code: player.AddToFaction 0001b2a4 1.
  • Set faction allied status: setally <base_id_1><base_id_2><variable_1><variable_2> – You can make two factions friendly with each other.
  • Set faction enemy status: setenemy <base_id_1><base_id_2<variable_1><variable_2> – This prompt allows you to have two factions fight each other. 

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