All console commands in Starfield, ranked

All console commands in Starfield, ranked

The power of God and command lines on your side.

So you have already made the right choice and decided to play Starfield on PC. Provided your beloved WarMachine can run it, Starfield offers a whole world of console commands to play with. Activating these, in some cases, will stop you from getting achievements in the game. You can tell which save files are affected by commands by the M symbol beside the save file. The best thing to do is create a separate save if you want to play around with console commands.

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The best console commands in Starfield

There are a million different console commands in Starfield, most of which are pretty much useless. However, a few of them are absolutely essential and can pick up where the game drops out. To open the command console, press the tilde key (~). A warning about achievements will follow this. Once you have cleared this, type in the following commands and press enter.

If you are looking for any item ID, weapon or mod ID, or even faction ID, you need to type help into the command console followed by the thing you’re looking for, or even just part of the word. Everything you might be looking for will be listed with its ID.

All console commands in Starfield, ranked

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Top 10

  • tgm – Become a god. You can’t die, you can carry everything, and you never lose stamina.
  • tim – Your health will never hit zero.
  • player.kill – You die.
  • killall – Kills everything nearby.
  • resurrect – bring the targeted corpse back to life.
  • tcl – enables you to be able to walk through air and walls.
  • showlooksmenu player 1 – opens the full character creator
  • kah – kill all hostiles in the area
  • player.additem (Item ID) (Value) – Adds an item and its value to your character. To find the item ID you need to type the next command.
  • help – type this followed by what you are looking for to receive the item code which you

Item commands in Starfield

  • player.additem (item ID) (Value) – Adds a specified item to your inventory.
  • player.additem 0000000f (Value) – Adds credits to your inventory. Replace (Value) with the desired amount.
  • player.additem 0000000a (Value) – Adds a digipick to inventory. Replace (Value) with the desired amount.
  • (Mod ID).amod (mod ID) – Attaches a mod to a weapon. Drop a weapon, open the console, and then click on it to obtain its reference ID.

Character commands in Starfield

  • player.setlevel (Value) – Raise or lower your player level.
  • player.setav health (Value) – Sets your max health level.
  • player.setav speedmult (Value) – Set player speed multiplier. Set this number to anything more than 100 to speed up movement.
  • player.setav carryweight (Value) – Sets your maximum carry weight to a specified amount.
  • showlooksmenu player 2 – Opens partial character creator minus the traits and background.
  • Sexchange – Change your character’s body type and return your character to a default look.
  • player.addperk (Perk ID) – Adds a skill, trait, or background.
  • player.removeperk (perk ID) – Remove a skill, trait, or background.
  • Psb – Add every power.
  • setforcespeechchallengealwayssucceed (1 – 0) – If set to 1, all speech challenges will succeed.
  • setforcespeechchallengealwaysfail – Always fail speech, kinda weird, but ok.
  • player.paycrimegold 0 0 (faction ID) – Pays off the bounty with a given faction.
All console commands in Starfield, ranked

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Environment and movement commands

  • tm – Hides all UI. Type it again to un-hide UI.
  • Tfc – Enable free cam.
  • Tcl – Toggles collision, letting you walk through walls and into the air.
  • tmm 1 – Adds map markers for all locations on a planet’s surface.
  • tdetect – You won’t be detected when in stealth.
  • showmenu sleepwaitmenu – Open the “pass time” menu.
  • passtime (Value) – Passes a number of hours.
  • unlock – Unlock the targeted door or object.
  • setgravityscale (Value) – Change the local gravity

NPC commands

  • Kill – With the console open, click an NPC to target them, then type kill to kill them. You cannot kill key characters.
  • Kah – Kills all hostile entities nearby
  • Killall – Kills all entities nearby
  • Resurrect  – Resurrect the targeted corpse (in the case of generic NPCs, another generic NPC).
  • Forcedbleedout – Make a character bleed out, you weirdo.
  • Tai – Toggles AI on and off: NPCs will stop where they are and won’t do anything at all.
  • Tcai – Toggles NPC combat AI, making all NPCs passive.


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