Fallout: New Vegas Honest Heart trailer and screens

Arriving next week, Bethesda has released new shots and a trailer for the second Fallout: New Vegas DLC called Honest Hearts.
Why in the hell you would go anywhere near the wilderness in a world like Fallout is beyond me, but that’s what’s happening in the next DLC which releases next week on Tuesday 17 May. 
Players will venture into Utah’s Zion National Park only to be attacked by a bunch of nasty looking tribal folk. You’ll then be roped into some sort of war between tribes and a conflict between a New Canaanite missionary and the mysterious Burned Man. Yep, that settles it, I’m never going to a park again, there’s always some weirdo lurking in the bushes.
The DLC will be available on XBox Live this Tuesday and on the PSN, and I quote, “the earliest day possible”, thanks to the lovely hackers.
Now on with shots featuring skinny creepy people and the new trailer…


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