Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Trailer Released

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Trailer Released

Just yesterday Ubisoft released a couple of tantalizing bits of artwork for what seems to be a downloadable expansion for Far Cry 3 called Blood Dragon. Then today we were treated to this bizarre teaser trailer that may make you feel a little reminiscent of Tron, you know, the good one!


There’s actually more to the trailer than meets the eye at first however. Take a close look, see if you can spot it. Toward the end of the trailer where the logo cuts away via some flashy effects, there’s actually what looks like an in-game screenshot that also follows with the sci-fi vibe, which you can see below.

At the very least, it’s certainly a huge departure from the environments we have seen throughout the main component of Far Cry 3. For starters the location is clearly heavily built up, but more obvious would be the extremely huge gatling gun which is rather commonplace in sci-fi themed games.

Blood Dragon snap

Ubisoft are still remaining extremely tight-lipped about what Blood Dragon actually is yet, so stay tuned for all the latest info.

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