A short live-action trailer released by Ubisoft today confirms a couple of things about the upcoming Far Cry 5. One, it’s set in Montana (specifically, ‘Hope County’). Two, it’s the rumoured modern day era rather than the also rumoured Frontier Western era.

Exactly how ‘modern’ isn’t totally clear yet, but the teaser does feature fairly contemporary grain silos, electric lights, and a guy in a t-shirt. So we’re not talking 1800s here. These are presumably the images being shot by the film crew in Montana which kicked off the early Far Cry 5 leak in the first place.

If other rumoured details about the more modern setting are to be believed, then you’ll be playing as some kind of cop or detective in this one. We’ll know soon enough, because Ubisoft plan a full reveal on Friday 26 May. Here’s the teaser. Ubisoft’s UK site split it into four for some reason, but the US one appears to be a compilation.

Peter Parrish

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