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Far Cry 6 USB locations in El Este

Let’s talk about the USB locations in El Este.


“Los Caminos de la Vida” by Vicentico

Location: Fernando Valley, Conuco

There’s a landmark here called Casa Rivera. The closest fast travel points are Hideout Habanera and Roca Pequeña Sat Station.

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“La Bella Ciao de Libertad” by La Sonora Yarana

Location: Catalina Ridge, La Joya

There’s a spot here called Turgenev Comms Station. Go near the tower to see a bunker. Climb down the ladder and pick up the USB. There’s also an FND cache here.

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“Yo Aprendi” by Danay Suarez

Location: Maldito, Conuco

The town of Maldito acts as a fast travel point once it’s discovered (a main quest in El Este even has you fly over the area). The Death Rites unique rifle can also be found here.

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“La Vida Me Cambio” by Diana Fuentes ft. De Zona

Location: Robustas Hills, Sierra Perdida

The Sureño Shipyards military base can be found on the southwestern tip of El Este. The USB is inside a small guardhouse right next to the front gate.

Let’s go to the next part of our Far Cry 6 USB locations guide to check out the capital of Esperanza.

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