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Far Cry 6 USB locations in Esperanza

Let’s talk about the USB locations inĀ  Esperanza.


“Pxssy Powah” by Nitty Scott

Location: Mercurio Mecanico, West Lado

Mercurio Mecanico is a fast travel point/guerrilla hideout. You’ll visit this area as part of a main quest called “Paradise Lost.” Just make your way to the roof deck to find this USB stick.

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“Here We Kum” by Molotov

Location: Barrio Antiguo, Old Pueblo

This USB stick can be found in the same place where you started Far Cry 6‘s campaign. You can revisit it when it’s most convenient for you, but things can be a little tough since you’re trekking through the capital.

The goal is to reach Barrio Antiguo at the eastern portion of the map. Nearby fast travel points once discovered/captured include Santa Leticia Square and La Divinidad Cathedral (which has the Zona 51 unique rifle). Use the alleyways and sewers to avoid guard patrols.

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Eventually, you’ll arrive at the town square. Go to the alleyway to the left (seen in the image above), and follow the path that takes you to Dani’s old apartment complex. Head to the top and enter the storage room to find what you’re looking for.

Let’s go to the next part of our Far Cry 6 USB locations guide to complete Treasure Hunt: And the Beat Goes On for one final music track.

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Far Cry 6 is available via Ubisoft’s store and the Epic Games Store.

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