Farming Simulator 19 Alpine Expansion

As a replacement for the previously-expected new entry in the Farming Simulator series, developer Giants Software has instead opted to outfit the 2018 release of Farming Simulator 19 with a series of content updates to keep players engaged. Now, the team has announced yet another expansion is on the way: Alpine Farming.

This new expansion will feature the brand new map of Erlengrat, which is inspired by the Alpine regions of Switzerland, Austria and Southern Germany. It’s nestled in green-laden mountains, and offers “the perfect and idyllic playground for grass harvesting and livestock farming.” Players will also be able to explore the city center that has high-end shops (with see-through) windows. Erlengrat is also lively with animated passenger trains, hillside cart lifts and NPCs roaming the streets.

But, of course, the cream of the crop of this new package is the machines. The Farming Simulator 19: Alpine Farming expansion will feature over 30 new vehicles and tools from a variety of manufacturers. One of the machines is even the Aebi CC 66 Mower, which is a stand-up, single-lane mower. Prior to this, all of the officially-made mowers have been either standalone vehicles or implements for tractors. So, it’s neat to see Giants try something new. On that note, there are also different Utility Vehicles included like the Aebi TT 281 and Lindner Unitrac 122 LDrive.

To show off the gorgeous new scenery and some of the new machines, Giants has gone ahead and released a serene new trailer:

The Alpine Farming expansion for Farming Simulator 19  already has a release date—November 12, 2020. That’s still quite a few months from now, but it gives you time to save up and prepare for when it drops. Pre-orders have already opened for those interested; Giants is asking for $19.99 for all the new content. With FS19 being on sale relatively frequently, you should be able to snag both the sim and this new DLC altogether for a reasonable price.

Prior to this, there has been the Platinum Expansion. Giants previously announced in January that three major DLCs would come to Farming Simulator 19. So, perhaps this could be the final big update for the game, though Giants has not come out and formally said so.

A.K Rahming
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