Farming Simulator 22 New Fendt Tractor

Giants Software continues to reveal new features coming in Farming Simulator 22. Just recently, the studio showed off the new improvements to both the sim’s game engine and also the build system that will allow players to place custom objects on their map.

The version of the Giants Engine for Farming Simulator 22 will come with the DirectX 12 API. This will allow for improvements to features like texture streaming, and make the game more efficient at using GPU cores for better texture loading. Better anti-aliasing will also be present thanks to the use of Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA) techniques over older, less efficient methods. Parallax occlusion will provide a higher visual fidelity to scenery objects like grass and wall textures, thus giving these objects more defined 3D looks without performance costs. Shadow map quality improvements will allow more objects, even distant ones, to have shadows.


Farming Simulator 22 new engine efficiency

Aside from these new features, Giants also mentioned new improvements to the traffic AI system, pedestrian system, and a yet-to-be-announced “new multiplayer feature.” With the title releasing towards the end of the year, it’s only a matter of time before this feature, among others, gets revealed.

As for the new build mode in Farming Simulator 22, the developers have made it far easier to place buildings on a map. The team acknowledged that it was very difficult to place buildings in Farming Simulator 19. You can rest easy in knowing that Farming Simulator 22 will feature a revamped building system with simplified controls.

There will also be many new placeable objects in terms of both number and variety. For example, there will be placeable fences for the first time, along with animal pens, beehives, solar generators, and more. Terrain sculpting has also been improved. It will be easier for players to flatten and mold the terrain in order to “make their farm look good.”


Earlier on, Giants revealed other new features of Farming Simulator 22, including full gameplay reveals for the new American map of Elmcreek, a better look at the new seasons mechanic, production chains functionality, what new crops to expect, and more.

Farmng Simulator 22 will crop up on PC and consoles on November 22.

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