Farming Simulator 22 revamped animals cow

The largest draw of Farming Simulator is no doubt its agricultural farming mechanics. However, the series has long featured animal husbandry as well. Giants has gone ahead and showed a little extra love to our feathered and furry friends as shown in a new trailer for the upcoming Farming Simulator 22. 

In this newest version of the sim, the animals will look “a lot cuter,” in addition to being “more important than ever.” They tie directly into the new production chains mechanic. For example, you can build chicken coops to produce eggs that you can then deliver to a local bakery. You’ll also still need to take care of  them during the wintertime when agricultural fieldwork isn’t available.  Thus, raising a healthy farm of livestock will double as both a solid additional revenue stream, in addition to being a virtual petting zoo.


Monkey business

While Giants doesn’t specify exactly how it improved the animal models from a technical perspective, just seeing them in action in the new trailer gives enough context. The models look to have a noticeable amount of extra polygons and much smoother (and varied) animations. Their texture work is also a bit more high quality than previous entries.

What is definitely the easiest difference to spot is that there will now be wildlifeFarming Simulator 19 had the small inclusion of crows feeding on fields, but now wild animals will truly populate the maps of Farming Simulator 22, such as deer that run through the forest. That’s the only type shown off so far, however. In terms of animals available to purchase, bred, and care for, cows, sheep, chickens and pigs make a return. Horses will continue to be fully rideable. Bees are also on their way, likely to function as honey farms that will add yet another line to the new production chains.