Farming Simulator 22 Pc Sunset Fields (copy)

Farming Simulator 22 may not be the first title that comes to your mind when you think of hardware, but it does sport some high fidelity new visual features compared to its predecessor. That said, Giants wanted to flex a bit by ensuring it supported Nvidia DLSS at launch, and now it has another ace up its sleeve — AMD FSR 2.0 support for Farming Simulator 22.

With a new patch, players can go ahead and play using the enhancements on supported cards.


Reaping the performance benefits

AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution feature set functions very similarly to that of Nvidia’s DLSS technology. The whole point is to boost the resolution of a game using AI without making your GPU work any harder than usual. This results in crisper, cleaner images without the performance cost. In some instances, it can even improve performance.

The initial rollout of FSR didn’t go so well, but now the new 2.0 variant is promised by AMD to be a significant improvement. Thus, Farming Simulator 22‘s implementation of it is one of the first available to the public.

Despite the fact that this is AMD’s tech, it has made a commitment to ensure FSR 2.0 has full compatibility on Nvidia cards as well. You should be able to try this out in Farming Simulator 22 as long as your GPU already supports FSR 2.0. And again, Nvidia cards can already make use of the DLSS functionality.

Farming Simulator 22’s sheer popularity is bound to make the benefits gained from FSR support shine rather quickly. Combine this with other visual enhancements, like Reshade filters, and you have yourself an even prettier package than the vanilla version of the sim.

Similarly in the sim world, Asobo is working on implementing AMD FSR 2.0 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It has yet to reveal a release date for that, though it is expected to come sometime in the near future.

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