Tri-Synergy has announced that it is bringing Farming Simulator to North America.The game lets players “experience the thrill of driving heavy modern farm equipment as you try and feed the world,” so we’re assuming that you either play as Bob Geldof in a tractor, or this is a game in which you’re an evil genius attempting to monopolise the world’s food supply. Despite that I’d like to take issue with the “thrill” of driving heavy modern farm equipment as I’ve done it and it was more loud and boring than thrilling, but different strokes, I suppose.Bob Geldof will start off with a sparsely-equipped farm house that barely has the resources to feed one country, let alone the world, so it’s all up to you to help him plan out the planting and cultivating, and then work hard to bring in the harvest. Then you can upgrade your farm and perhaps feed the continent, or something.The game features seven “beautifully detailed” tractors, four combine harvesters, and over 20 tools including a plough, seeder, baler, self-loading wagon, and many more “exciting” bits of farm machinery. Expect an open-ended career mode, authentic Fendt machines, detailed equipment, four different crops (barley, corn, canola, and wheat) and a day/night cycle with changing weather. Weirdly, though, we can’t find any mention of Bob Geldof. Maybe he’s not in it after all.Either way, it’ll be coming to the States soon, via Tri-Synergy. If you’re in the UK and are desperate for some farming goodness, then we think it’s already out over here under the name Farming Simulator 2009.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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