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Fastest ways to earn Chi and level up Avatar Elements pass in Fortnite

Get your Chi up.

The Avatar Elements event in Fortnite has a Battle Pass, and to advance in it, you need to gain Chi. And quite a lot of it.

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Fastest way to get Chi in the Fortnite Avatar event

With the Fortnite Avatar event, the Elements pass and Elements quests became available, as well as all the bending abilities. The Elements quests will earn you Chi upon completion which’ll contribute to the Elements pass to earn you rewards.

There are 11 stages to the Elements pass, with each stage requiring 1,000 Chi. The pass has a free track and premium track, so even f2p players can earn cool cosmetics.

Considering how the Elements quests are dropping (new quests every few days), your progress will be very limited, so unfortunately you can’t beeline the Element pass till completion.

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The fastest way, then, to earn Chi is by looking at the quests available to you currently and picking the easiest ones to focus on for your next Battle Royale match. Strive to complete them, and once you have, you can quickly leave the match and focus on the next ones.

The easiest quests will be found in the Chakra quest sets, although the Discovery Quests will allow you to earn Chi between the Chakra sets get released.

These Discovery Quests are harder, but they’ll give you more Chi, so just focus on them after you’ve completed all the currently available Chakra quests.

You shouldn’t have to complete every single Chakra or Discovery Quest to earn enough Chi for the elements to pass, so when you’re close to completion and many quests become available, then beeline the easiest ones for you to complete.

When will all the Avatar quests be released?

If you’re trying to organize your time to get as much Chi as fast as possible, then it’ll be useful to know when each set of quests is dropping so you can be there on time.

Below are all the Chakra quest sets, and when they’ll be released:

  • The Water Chakra Quests have been released already.
  • The Earth Chakra Quests go live April 15 at 9 AM ET.
  • The Fire Chakra Quests go live April 18 at 9 AM ET.
  • The Air Chakra Quests go live April 22 at 9 AM ET.
  • The Light Chakra and Sound Chakra Quests go live April 25 at 9 AM ET.

The Chakra quest sets aren’t the only quests that give you Chi. The Discovery Quests, although longer, will also earn Chi, and will be periodically released. Every Discovery Quest will have you earning XP in Creator-Made Islands.

Each step will be released with a new Chakra quest it seems, so they’ll be released in tandem.

Make frequent visits to those Element Shrines if you want to complete all of these quests!

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