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How to unlock all Weapons and Devices in XDefiant

There's a bunch of them.

Every player starts very limited in which weapons and gear they can use during each XDefiant game. For that reason, continue reading to learn how to unlock all weapons and devices in XDefiant.

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XDefiant: How to unlock all Weapons

Not only are there a decent number of weapons and weapon types, but each of the weapons you can see below will have an assortment of attachments you can unlock by leveling them up – which is done by killing enemy players. This can be done by any Faction Character in the game, so don’t worry about gear limitations. Check out the table below so you can check out how to unlock every single weapon in the game.

WeaponTypeHow to Unlock
M4A1AssaultUnlocked by default.
MDRAssaultUnlocked at Battle Pass level 10.
AK-47AssaultDeal 4,000 Damage with Assault Rifles.
ACR 6.8AssaultGet 10 Assault Rifle Longshot Kills (>30m).
M16A4AssaultGet 20 Assault Rifle Headshot Kills.
MP5A2SMGUnlocked by default.
P90SMGGet 10 SMG Hipfire Kills.
Vector .45 ACPSMGDeal 10,000 Damage with SMGs.
MP7SMGGet 20 SMG Point-Blank Kills (<5m).
M249LMGUnlocked by default.
M60LMGDeal 5,000 Damage to Enemy Equipment with LMGs.
RPK-74LMGDeal 10,000 Damage with LMGs.
M870ShotgunUnlocked by default.
Double BarrelShotgunGet 10 Shotgun Hipfire Kills.
AA-12ShotgunGet 15 Shotgun Point-Blank Kills (<5m).
MK 20 SSRMarksmanUnlocked by default.
SVDMarksmanGet 15 Marksman Rifle Longshot Kills (>30m).
M44SniperUnlocked by default.
TAC-50SniperGet 10 Sniper Rifle One-Shot Kills.
M9Secondary WeaponUnlocked by default.
93RSecondary WeaponSprint 240 Seconds with Secondary Weapons,
D50Secondary WeaponDeal 1,000 Damage with Secondary Weapons.
M1911Secondary WeaponGet 4 Secondary Weapon Point-Blank Kills (<5m).
686 MagnumSecondary WeaponGet 5 Quick-Swap Kills.
Xdefiant Weapons
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XDefiant: How to unlock all Devices

Devices act more like the traditional grenades in other first-person shooters, and that’s because they are mostly grenades, so that’s that. You will start with a Frag Grenade as your equipped Device, but you have an assortment of them that you can use to deal damage or inflict status conditions:

DeviceHow to Unlock
Frag GrenadeUnlocked by default.
EMP GrenadeDeal 400 Damage to Enemy Equipment with Devices.
Proximity MineDeal 1,000 Damage with Devices.
Flashbang GrenadeKills 20 Enemies Suffering from Status Conditions.
Sticky GrenadeInflict 25 Status Conditions with Devices.
Xdefiant Devices
Screenshot: PC Invasion

As you can see, the challenges seen above aren’t as complicated as you might expect, so go ahead and take note so that you can choose the correct weapon type and get the specific kill type you need to unlock every single weapon and device in XDefiant. Thankfully, there is only one weapon linked with the Battle Pass, but it is a free reward, so don’t worry about spending real money in the game.

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