Faxion Online Enters Closed Beta

UTV True Games, a group comprised of people who’ve worked on titles like Shadowbane and Ultima Online, has announced that heaven-vs-hell MMO Faxion Online has today entered closed beta.
If you’ve already sold your soul for an invite, you’re likely to be receiving it today. If not, there’s still a chance to damn yourself for eternity by signing up at the Faxion Online website.
Upon joining the game, players “will find themselves in war-torn limbo as they start their journey in the afterlife.” Locations in the game are thematically based on the seven deadly sins, so get ready to pick your way carefully through such things as an eternal feast being enjoyed by the Gluttonous. Be sure to wave hi to Dante if you see him.
Faxion Online promises “aggressive and robust PVP game play and a unique territory control system,” with a multi-class system and a comic twist. Finally, a use for all that stuff you learned about Catholic doctrine in school.

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