FEAR 2’s DLC pack – titled Reborn – has received more in the way of details as well as a release date.Yesterday we reported on FEAR 2: Reborn, which casts you as Replica soldier Foxtrot813 as he travels through four new single-player levels, but we now have more in the way of details.Foxtrot813 will apparently go rogue against Replica command due to the supernatural events going on in the city of Auburn – the same events you remember, we suspect, as Reborn takes place concurrently with FEAR 2.And if you want to try it out to see if it’s as solid as FEAR 2 was, you’ll be able to. A demo of the DLC pack will be available on 27 August, a week before the pack’s release on 3 September.In a nice touch, the DLC’s release will coincide with a title update for the game which will add a slow-mo powerup to multiplayer, allowing whoever possesses it to slow down their foes. Better still, the longer they hold it, the more objective points they accumulate – but whoever has it will be a bigger target, naturally.It’s nice to see FEAR 2 continuing to be supported, and it’s even nicer to see some DLC that’s not simply a map pack. Keep an eye out for this one.

Paul Younger
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